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  1. Hi bud I have a few for sale in brisbane northside. send me a text on 0415887768 if you like cheers mark
  2. I was at the auction. Its great concept , however any reason why there is no list of types of fish that are going to be for sale. I couldnt stay to the end, i left around 8.30 as i had kids with me. so iam not sure if i missed out on apistos that i was looking out for.
  3. Hi guys, does anyone know where you can get waterlife o conditioner - or metro to treat for hex, other than a vet. cheers
  4. hi mate interested in discus, 

    what do you have, and how much bud.


    1. raycam01_au


      Hi Captain

      mate we have just done a water change on the tank and we will get some pics and prices up later on today, are you interested in 1 or 2? or Bulk can do a deal depending on how many your looking at... and where r u located

    2. captain bookworm

      captain bookworm

      Iam in brisbane, 

      where are you. 

      Iam after pigeon blood males. so not sure what you have 

    3. raycam01_au


      keep an eye on the post we will post pics and prices of what we are selling :) later today, just doing water changes currently on all the tanks


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