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  1. Can anyone ID what this worm is? Found in a tank/filter. Are they harmful & what steps are needed to remove them if necessary? Thanks.
  2. Thanks @tdj5 I saw these. In the process of getting tanks sorted, have got 1 male lined up but you can never have too many tanks. If i can get another big setup complete soon I'll keep tgese guys in mind for sure! Cheers.
  3. Like I mentioned in my last post I've been out of the hobby for last couple years, I have been putting together my species list to get & was disappointed to discover that Jags have now been banned in QLD!!! Very concerning when it comes to keeping beautiful species that have attitude. Hopefully everyone understands the impact it will have on our hobby if we aren't responsible in managing our own behaviours. If you have fish that are getting too big or aggressive for your tanks please look to give them to other keepers rather than releasing them in your local. It's not just our hobby we need to look after, more importantly it's our amazing natural ecosystems that we need to protect & maintain. The outcome of irresponsible behaviour is that we lose both of them. I'm sure 99% of people do the right thing but let's encourage everyone to make it 100%. There's always someone who will take on your unwanted monsters. Cheers!
  4. Thanks all. Hamishh34 that would be great if you could shoot me through some contacts. I've checked out Sanchez now cheers.
  5. Thanks tdj5. Seems to be quite a few Sunny Coasters in the fish keeping scene, anyone you know that breeds Dovii or Umbee?
  6. Hi everyone, I have been out of the hobby for a couple of years but coming back keener than ever, now that I have a huge room downstairs that I can dedicate to setting up for monsters. I'm based on the Sunshine Coast & looking for a couple of large tank set-ups to house the first 2 species I'm chasing, a large male Dovii & an Umbee (to be kept in their own tanks). Are there any breeders in SEQ these days that are producing high quality fish? Or do you have one that you are looking to sell? I'll also be setting up an indoor pond for breeding shrimp & feeders to supplement their diet. Along with some home renos in the near future I'll be building a huge outdoor raised pond with a large viewing panel attached to the back deck to keep Togas & GG's in (I miss my RTGG). I've attached a couple pics of my last tank set up with a couple different species I had. Cheers!
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