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  1. It might be a wild outside chance this was the reason, add a spray garden attachment to your hose to help de-gas water while filling your buckets. Or pop a spare air stone in buckets to agitate the water if don't have time to let sit. If anything get to learn about yet another aquarium problem/ disease. I personally rolled my eyes after reading about this gas bubble disease and thought 'what the f***, more ways to kill a fish, yay!!!' From what I read it can affect not only different species but individual fish differently. Sometimes this surface/ skin blisters are too small to see, that is if they get them at all. This might be the case with a guppy. if you think this could have been the cause best to add or increase air bubbles/ surface agitation to the tank for a day or two to degas the water. Sorry to hear about you loss.
  2. For me no other fish showed any other signs but that one cory with blisters. But if you are filling with a bucket verses a hose from a tape it would be less likely. I also found my canister filter was sucking in air at the O ring at the top of the body of it. So it could have been my cause for the over saturated air to water. The filter could of been adding air to the water under high pressure. From what I read after seeing these blisters on only one fish was essentially the 'bends' like what scuba drivers avoid. That is my understanding of gas bubble disease, in my opinion in a condition not a disease. But from what I read, it can lead to instant death if the gas bubbles in their blood get into their heart etc.
  3. Temperature or ... I recently had issues with gas bubble disease all though not a disease, after water change. That can cause instant death, fortunately for me one cory had blisters that healed and went away after more air stones add which added more surface movement. I had no deaths.
  4. Hi, I was happy to find an aquarium forum with members currently active in OZ. Happy to be a new member. I was viewing the trader section before signing up, now can't get back to it. I might have missed something as I am using my phone. Fav fish are angels and corys, I am desperately looking for a breeder of laser corys. Currenty only two tanks ( more being set up now) . One 4ft 280ltr and a120ltr. Two is most certainly not enough!