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  1. Looking to buy some caudopunctatus if anyone has any available
  2. I have 60+ multies ranging from adults to juviniles, first in best dressed. $10 each Located Greenbank 4124
  3. Thomas18

    Hello from Greenbank

    The mother is an OB, not exactualy sure on the father though. They are getting to the 2cm mark and are showing some patterning so i think the father is the "blue" one above the dragon bloods. I have no clue what the actual species is as i didnt purchase it, i was given it.
  4. Thomas18

    Hello from Greenbank

    Here is a quick pic I just took. It’s nothing spectacular, very under stocked. I have 40+ babies growing out in the sump.
  5. Thomas18

    Styrofoam Sheets inside the Aquarium?

    Styrofoam is food safe so i would say that its fine to be in an aquarium
  6. I have a 5ft 450L tank that is a all Peacock tank, i also have a 72L tank with Neo Similis shell dwellers in it.