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  1. Yeah i'm still leaning toward that Given the lack of body colour. Probably just tucking the fin up a little.
  2. Hi all, So I have a number of guppy fry but, this question relates to 3 in particular. They are about 10 weeks old. At first i thought they were females and i put them in the female tank. I was judging by gravid spot and anal fin which was at the time quite triangular. Now however on 2 of these juveniles the Gravid Spot has pretty much vanished and the anal fin seems to be becoming more pointed. They aren't showing any courting behavior as such that i can see but I'm trying to prevent more pregnancies so if anyone has an opinion here that would be helpful please chime in. See pic attached
  3. Admittedly, The 20lL buckets had only been sitting for about 20 minutes after being filled by the hose before I refilled the tank. Usually I sit them for a day so so, this seems plausible just happy none of the other fish croaked. Pity though, he was one of the more spectacular Cobra Guppy's in the tank.
  4. Considered that but I pretty much equalised the buckets before refilling. Interesting haven't encountered this one before. No obvious signs of injury or issue with the fish other than lack of life but, I'll investigate that one further. Cheers
  5. Okay... so one of my daughters guppy's was swimming around happily and I literally sat down for 5 minutes to log on to this forum and look around. I turned back to the tank and he was on the bottom dead. and I mean dead not lethargic or struggling. Stone cold dead. Every other fish in the tank is fine. The circumstance leading up to the demise. 18G tank: today is water change today. Parameters before change: 0, 0, 20ppm, After change 0, 0, 5ppm PH stable at 7.4 Water Temp stable at 26 degrees. As this is a planted tank and I did a change, larger amounts of ferts have been added however I mixed the ferts into the refill bucket as opposed to squirting directly into the column. Dosage was 7ml Flourish Excel, 1.8 ml Flourish iron, 1.5ml Flourish Comprehensive. Flourish Comprehensive only goes in twice a week, the iron daily and Excel daily however, daily Excel dose is 1.8ml. I know the initial Excel dosage is high but it's never caused problems before and all the other fish are fine as previously stated. The only other thing that i can think of that may be an outside chance is that he copped a spike from one of the Julii Cory's while trying to get in on some Algae wafer action. I'd put a couple in about 10 minutes prior to his discovery. Anyone heard of Cory's killing fish in this way? I've never had a fish drop dead this fast. Usually I get some indication that the fish is not well. Cheers
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  7. Hey all, Great to find a Qld Forum. I use to have a 80G Community Tank with Discus, GBR's, Cardinals, Pleco's and some other species as well as an 80G Malawi Tank with more fish than I should have but they are just so damn irresistible. Anyway... had to move to a smaller place and the tanks had to go Just getting back into the hobby due to my daughter asking if she could use my old 18G quarantine tank for a Guppy tank. against my advice she bough Males and Females and well... lets just say now I have another 18G tank and a 5G Fry tank, I've had to seperate the males into one tank and females into the other to prevent further breeding. The aim being to loose the females at some point and use the second 18G for Aquascape with a couple of rams and a little school of Kabotai Rasbora. Gotta say though I never really thought much of Guppy's until I sat and started watching them. They are a pretty cool little fish and some of the mosaics and cobra's are stunning. Anyhow... here's a shot of the two tanks that are a little further along now but i'm still working out algae growth on leaves, fert balance, Co2 to be added. First time experimenting with really looking after the plants. Both tanks running Plant Glo 60cm (26w) Both tanks Running Aquaclear 30's with Mechanical, Matrix and Purigen. Both tanks using root tabs as well as liquid ferts. Looking forward to learning some new tricks, tips and seeing what others are doing Later.