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  1. Brendanh

    C Box 6000

  2. Brendanh

    C Box 6000

    Still waiting to see if anyone can help me about these. I did message the people aquaoz kindly shared to me. But they havnt seen it yet.
  3. Brendanh

    C Box 6000

    Oh yeah cool i didnt see someone else has talked about them in the past, i shall send him a message and see what he thinks. Yeah i did read about that also with him
  4. Brendanh

    Hey Guys

  5. Brendanh

    C Box 6000

    Hey Guys, Yes Im New sorry if im not posting in the right area, Im Sure someone will tell me if im not. Anyway. Has anyone here ever used a Aquaculture system named C-Box. The Model is a 6000. The Reason im asking this is my friend purchased a property and there are 3 of these units on the property, I Knew the previous owner did breed Barramundi in them. and they are too huge to transport so no-one will buy them. There about 5 years old now. Still have the receipt of these units when he brought them for $50,000 Each. They currently need a good clean. But my main question is, Is there anyone that could help if theres any knowledge on these as we are thinking of starting them back up. And if not, Im pretty sure the owner will try and sell them with all offers considered These Units all Run on 3Phase Power, All Have Air Cons. Heaters And Pretty Large Pumps. 2 of the units are apart but all seems to be there tho, Just needs TLC. The Ladder going to the roof is to access the 3 phase switchboard as well as the aircon.
  6. Brendanh

    Hey Guys

    Hey Guys This is the first time ive been a member of QLDAF. My Background, Owned 58 tanks Bred Africans/Americans and L Numbers a couple years ago. Left my previous relationship with a downward spiral. Now slowly getting back into what i do