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  1. Pseudotropheus so. Flavus for sale

    Bump few left
  2. Flavus 4cm $10 each 10 for $90 display males still colouring up $15 each pic is of Dad and actual fry pick up Caboolture
  3. Anyone have albino polystigma any size have just bought some looking to add to the colony don’t mind smaller ones or driving or fastway any help appreciated thanks

  5. After about 10-15 Livingstonii bigger the better to fill a large 6ft north Brisbane let me know if you know where to get some or have some thanks
  6. Hi everyone

    Hi John yes I already have a small pair thanks
  7. Any petrochromis red bulus around? Absolutely beautiful fish would love to get some north Brisbane but happy to get them shipped if needed
  8. Umbees

    Where are you located and how much?
  9. Hi everyone

    Update I can see other threads now maybe I was too impatient lol thanks John
  10. Hi everyone

    Hello I’m new to the forum thought I would introduce myself I’m Steve been keeping fish for about 12 years now I have just recently purchased some petrochromis red bulus which I’m really excited about any more people with these in qld? I bought mine from down south also is there livestock and dry goods threads on this forum I can only seem to see the welcome room and a disputes page