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  1. Couple of bristlenoses. I do have a few geo brachy fry I could try putting in with him/her? What you reckon @joller
  2. @joller @billfishgood idea I will try some live food see how that goes will keep you updated thanks for the tips! @borntobreed thanks for the reply. Ye that’s what I’ve been reading a lot, that you have to get them to ingest the medication as the baths don’t actually get to where they need. Problem is though he’s not eating and far to small to force feed. And where to get metro? Isn’t it illegal here?
  3. @billfish thanks for the reply mate. Will have a look for some sterazin. Ye I got him/her beginning of March and done all of them meds slowly over the last 3 months. I know I feel terrible about throwing in the meds, all was obviously put in at different times and followed out the full course. No holes in the head that I can see. It acts like it wants to eat then when it goes near food he/she opens mouth and shakes it’s head and swims straight off. Tried all different food even the food it’s been raised on.
  4. Hey guys got a small electric blue jack dempsey 1-2inch, couple months back. He never really got over the hour trip back from Brisbane never really eating much for a week. Then he got less active as weeks went on spitting food only eating once a week then I see the dreaded long white poo. I tried everything from praziquantel, wormer plus(flubendazole), big l pig and poultry(levamisole) and now last ditch antibiotics from local lfs(furacilin) Now he just spends most day facing back of tank on the bottom resting on sand. Clamped fins, No obvious sign of parasites? I understand these fish are very fragile need minimal stress, perfect parameters etc etc etc. Purchased from very good breeder of ebjd and the other fry he has still going strong never had any problems. Am I right to self diagnose Hexamita and how to really get rid of this? Cheers guys really would love to hear some other opinions been annoying me for months!
  5. @joller ye I guessed that was the case mate. I kind of just panicked and done it then thought afterwards about it. You live and you learn
  6. I used 32mm holesaw and it fit 25mm bulkhead had to use a bit of wet and dry paper to get it a little bit bigger. Wasn't difficult glass is 12mm thick took me a bit of time but it fit nice and snug! I read mixed reviews on wether to use silicone or not around bulkhead. I did and haven't had a leak yet @mitch_88
  7. Hey mate I bought one off AliExpress for $90 7000ltr/h jecod/jeboa dc pump. Had to wait a couple weeks for it to come, had it running for few months and I can’t fault it! And it’s so quiet I have it in my living room can’t hear a thing! And my tanks 600ltr with sump. If your using pvc use 2 45 degree fittings rather than a 90 will not reduce flow as much I found. It was my first tank i built, had to drill 3 holes in the bottomwith a overflow and sump. All which I had never done previously, took me months of research to decide what I was going to do. In the end I realised its really not that dawnting try not to over think things and you will be all good. You need any advice don’t hesitate to ask mate as I know how you feel. I had so many questions that are still left unanswered! In the end I’ve realised some things are best left unanswered haha @mitch_88
  8. Hey mate and welcome. Piece of glass on gumtree at the moment in maudsland Gold Coast and it’s for free!!
  9. Looking good ray. Your making this saltwater stuff look easy mate. Keep them videos coming, your making me seriously consider getting another tank and giving it a go! Cheers George
  10. Looking good already mate! Them gobys look amazing, plenty of coral in there as well I see. I only have freshwater and have no clue about marine! I have always wondered is there a rule of thumb to how much coral you can or can’t have? Cheers
  11. @raycam01_auGot your priorities right, good to see mate. Loungeroom looks awesome would love a set up like that one day! Whats eventually going in the 12 tanks?
  12. Wish I had the room to be like that mate, I’m looking forward to seeing the stingray tank. And now I’m excited to see your 12 tank system sounds like you have some work to do! Best of luck with it all
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