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  1. Wanted: piece/s of glass

    Ye mate all good for tomorrow if you like?
  2. Heater advice

    Cheers @tdj5 just had a read up on them they seem to have some good features, features that even the more expensive ones don’t have. @borntobreed Ye I wasn’t sure about that, didn’t sound to good to me! Thanks for the advice guys
  3. Heater advice

    Hey all looking at buying a heater for my 550 litre. Was looking at buying eheim jager 300w? Anyone got any advice on buying this or not buying this? Cheers George
  4. Wanted: piece/s of glass

    Depends what time? Any day during week after 3?
  5. Newbie

    Hi Dave and welcome Cheers George
  6. new rack for apistos

    Looking good mate. Look forward to seeing some fish in there what’s going in the tanks?
  7. Wanted: piece/s of glass

    Broadbeach mate
  8. Best Tropheus pics

    @mcfry40 stunning fish mate
  9. inert substrate sand

    How about pool filter sand?
  10. Wanted: piece/s of glass

    For free by the way @Julio_13
  11. Wanted: piece/s of glass

    I have mate 390 x 500 and another 390 x 600.
  12. Splosht - Pond water cleaner

    I have never used it mate, I’ve seen it all over the place. Always wondered what it is and how they work?
  13. Thanks had a look still I can’t make my mind up oh well maybe with time they will show. Either way I like them whatever they are haha
  14. They do don’t they I just had a look! Then again is it me or do soooooo many of them all just look so similar. Do the people that named them in the beginning even know haha. First I thought brachys then altifrons now rio Branco. I’m thinking now I’ve just got Geophagus that I’ve name Ernie and Bernie hahaha so anyone else have any Ernie and Bernie’s I’m up for making my own geo names!!!