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  1. so my fish are well and have bred a few times now no sign of swim blader problem all is well discus_and_fry.mp4
  2. just a update on my discus. looks like he and his lady friend are going to breed. which is great news for me.. i will keep you guys updated as this information maybe of great use to someone
  3. he couldn't eat so i force feed him every day with a pipet . that's what saved him . i gave him the food and time he needed to repair + some metro bath's to be sure. he's eating and swimming fine
  4. o'k guy's just a update on my fish he's is swimming upright now and is recovering well
  5. hi guys i have a beautiful pair of red map discus. my male was breeding fine female was great. wake up yesterday morning to see my male swimming with no balance. he now is laying on the bottom of the tank (not dead flat up a little ) sometimes he moves and is up right. i have increased the temp to 32-33 held of food as he's not able to eat at that angle. i have dosed the tank with epsom salts for swim bladder and also have on hand metro tablets 400 mg. i realy dont want to lose him he is a very good breeder and a top looking fish can anyone help. thanks for any advice
  6. warchief

    hi all

    hi guy nice welcome..ive had the discus and calvus a while ..just picked up the tropheus on sunday 12 /3/18 .smiths aquarium just small fish at the moment about 5cm
  7. warchief

    hi all

    i have a.calvus. tropheus moliro .....discus red maps ....red melon. german blue rams .bristle nose cats. goldfish. orandas. ranchu's and ryukin's. most work is on discus and a .calvus at the moment .
  8. warchief

    hi all

    hi all new to this server .ive been breeding fish for about 40 years.looking forward to aquarium banter