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  1. Hello Slipshodman Thankyou very much for the info - will look into the bigger Fx's, too. Appreciate the info re the discounts - that will certainly help! Thanks, and have a great day!
  2. Thank you From all the research I've done into the aqua one it's sounding pretty cool - I only have a 180ltr 4ft but it's fairly well populated - balanced, with mixed fish and actually all healthy and happy. I just don't like the fluval I got to cover the aqua nova while I was hunting for parts - it just doesn't cut it - too small.... anyway, I've found Aquaholics on ebay have a good price on the aqua one but if I can get a new motor head I'd be rapt - the nova has been awesome for my tank Thanks again! Annie
  3. Good afternoon All, New to this forum and was hoping someone might be able to help me I'm chasing a new motor head unit for my external canister - apparently the Aqua Nova's are being made obsolete....? So I'm finding it quite difficult to find someone that stocks them and parts, still. I really want to avoid having to buy a new filter if possible at the moment.... if I do I was thinking about the Aqua One 2700 uv type....... any opinions on those would be welcome, too..... in fact, any opinions on canister filters that people have found to be brilliant would be great, please - and rough prices. I'm on the Sunny Coast so purchasing local would be best but if the postage isn't too hefty, quite happy to shop online. Thanks! Have a great evening, Annie