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    Welcome mate!
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    Hi and welcome to the site 
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    Hi all, 
    Grateful to have found this community and hope to learn much from you guys. I have just set up a 21 litre tank and begun cycling it in hopes of keeping some RCS and possibly some nano fish. I am located in Gatton so if anyone in the toowoomba or nearby areas have any shrimp and low tech plants for sale please feel free to PM me. 
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    Can take months.  Some people say boil it but I personally don’t think this makes it sink.  Boiling may help soak out some tannins though.
    Screw (stainless or class 3 ie galvanised or climacoat?) it to a porcelain tile and put your substrate over the top.
    Or stick a couple of stones on top and wait a few months.  
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    nah lead is toxic, steer clear of that. just use river stones. the deeper it is the faster it will become waterlogged because the extra water pressure will force more water into the wood
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