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  1. Q.F.A.S. Super Auctions.

    Hi, can anyone tell me if the Auction is on tomorrow night 21/4/2018 at Springwood or not? ive got a heap of dry goods id be interested in bringing along
  2. Hi

    gday mate, cheers
  3. Hi

    Cheers mate
  4. 2 x 3x2x2 Breeding Setup

    Open to offers/swaps
  5. 2 x 3x2x2 Breeding Setup

    As pictured, Fish tank/aquarium setup. I will endeavour to give a clean and get better pics, currently stored in laundry area with water in and have just drained. Has been used for breeding all sorts and display. Great setup, thick glass, There are 2x 3x2x2 tanks on a 6ft stand. The hood needs new hinges. Comes with filters, heaters, rocks and driftwood. Also have a box of bristlenose breeding caves that I used successfully for years. Needs to go. Located at Loganholme. $420 come and get it, bring a mate to help lift it. Will do $300 for tanks, stand and hood only.
  6. Hi

    Hi all, I am a previous member (many years ago now as "ozmotorsport" if anyone remembers) Ive still got a couple of tanks and a heap of bits and pieces and joined back up to look at selling what I have or see whats around. You never know, the spark may reignite!