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    Black background

    I just used corflute, just cut it to size and you are good to go, cheap too about $12 from Bunnings, https://www.bunnings.com.au/project-panel-2440-x-1220-x-2-5mm-black-corflute_p0390164. My main reason for it, was that I was still unsure I wanted to commit to black permantently
  2. Hi I'm a long time hobbyist who has had a empty tank for a way too long, My tank which was in storage for last couple of years is 400L (30" cube) but finally have it back home and its still watertight. Originally it was a Marine tank, and back then it had Metal Halide lighting, sump,skimmer, just about everything was tunze etc, but after many years of marine, and then many years out of the water, most of the old equipment is ready for the scrap heap. So this time I'm going low tech, and thinking a canister, some LED lighting, and concentrating on a low maintenance tank, for fish I am thinking some Discus, probably just 5, as I don''t want to overstock it. Shane