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  1. Just wondering if both parents are long fins how did u get short fins it was in a conversation earlier between 2 people who were talking about genetics and someone who new about genetics said that the long fin gene is more dominant so if you had a 100% long fin and the other had short and long fin genes u would get long fins as it is more dominant if I'm wrong someone please correct me as I'm interested in learning about genes and that as well cheers
  2. Colony of 7 wild caught kitumba 2m 5f do breed had a few batches of fry from them one holds all the time others not as regularly have certificate of importation photos on request if interested 1600 please TEXT 0424946845 as I carnt answer phone all the time pic of the dominant male Thanks Steve
  3. Sold pending
  4. F1 IKOLA BREEDING COLONY purchased from Jim's wild caught colony in Melbourne around 30 fish great colour and breeders got a lot of fry last yr from them great colony 800 the lot
  5. Stevefish

    SOLD! For Sale L397 4.5 - 5 cm

    Hey Carl just saying thanks again for L numbers I got from u they r all looking awesome 387s look really good so r 144s and long fins cheers again awesome bloke
  6. Stevefish

    Ikola Tropheus Breeding Colony

    Did u get fish off wade to
  7. Stevefish

    Kitumba frontosa F1

    Cheers jas u should have enough now mate thanks jas all sold
  8. Stevefish

    Moba frontosa F1

    No worries jas same mate good to c ya again those tropheus I got off ya r looking really nice cheers all sold thanks jas
  9. Stevefish

    Swap L333s

    Got some L333s around 4/5cm looking to swap a couple for other L numbers please pm me with what you have cheers Steve
  10. F1 moba 4/5cm imported by loyde Ashton great bars and colours $40ea have papers for parents on importation pics of parents on request cheers Steve
  11. F1 kitumba 4/5cm great bars and colours $35ea have papers for parents on importation pics of parents on request cheers Steve
  12. Electric yellows 3/4cm $3 minimum buy 10 photos of colony on request lots of different blood lines all top quality cheers Steve
  13. Electric blues 3/4cm $2ea minimum buy 10 photos of farther on request cheers
  14. Stevefish

    F1 ikola trophues

    More in a few weeks
  15. Stevefish

    F1 ikola trophues

    All sold thanks to buys cheers