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  1. WTB Blue zaire frontosa

    what sort of zarias u chasing mate
  2. hi just wondering if anyone has 2 or 3 mature electric blue males for sale cheers. steve
  3. hey mate r u interested in selling ya electric yellows seperately and if so how much cheers mate
  4. flowerhorn pros question

    thanks again seems interesting have to see what happens cheers
  5. 5 ft tank and sump

    hey mate ill grab send me a text on 0424946845 cheers steve
  6. flowerhorn pros question

    so they could end up looking awesome been something special lol or just end up throwing out on the bak lawn fertilizer lol
  7. Venustus

    really spewing cheers
  8. finally done it

    cheers its been long time coming the thought of carrying it 4 guys walking and all farting coz so heavy but done now wooohoooo
  9. wanted trophues

    hey mate definitely I left a message on ya answering machine call u 2moz night at 6pm to arrange pick up cheers mate
  10. finally done it

    finally got my 6x2x2.5 mikula tank set up in my bedroom and my 4 little calvus still half full coz had to steal water from other tanks I had just changed I luv em
  11. Venustus

    hey mate flick me a text if this still available ill take the lot cheers 0424946845
  12. FS - 3 teir breeding rack #1

    what's the best u can do on it ill take it if price is Wright
  13. Fifteen 1000 x 490 x 300mm tanks

    hey mate ill take all of them cheers
  14. wanted trophues

    got all I need thanks everyone
  15. Red Severums for sale

    do u have fry to show they r breeding pair cheers