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  1. Anyone in QLD interested in a 075 15/17cm swap for 046s or something make a offer best contact by text thanks 0424946845 Steve
  2. Haha funny shit lol some people just don't get it and JB your maths was wrong again mate it's 135 lol
  3. Hey jas mate wouldn't mind getting the 40 mate if all good cheers
  4. Have some more 134 fry 3/4cm great quality health fish 80ea best contact by text thanks Steve pick up commera gold coast 0424946845
  5. May consider swapping for other L numbers of similar value or if u have better cash on top cheers
  6. All sold more in couple of weeks thanks
  7. Pmd u mate carnt see any pics in the link either thanks
  8. @Jscrapr u selling a whole colony selling up or u just selling up couple of males thanks
  9. @psmith84 how many u after mate got a couple floating around cheers
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