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  1. Stevefish

    For Sale L333 4 - 5 CM ALL SOLD

    cheers Carl really appreciate it great bloke nose his stuff I would recommend buying his fish in the future great quality cheers
  2. parents are F1 3/6cm 50available text proffered 0424946845 cheers steve
  3. parents are F1 3/6cm 50available text proffered 0424946845 cheers steve
  4. Stevefish

    F1 kitumba

    or may swap for trophues or L numbers cheers
  5. Stevefish

    F1 ikola trophues

    or maybe swap for other trophues L numbers cheers
  6. 50 available parents are F1 ikola fry 3/7cm $25 each do deals for more then 10 showing really good colouring located North end of gold coast upper coomera 0424946845 please text
  7. Stevefish

    F1 kitumba

    phone number sorry 0424946845 please text bit better pic sorry
  8. Stevefish

    F1 kitumba

    F1 kitumba around 3cm some bigger ones 6cm have the wild caught parents have papers of importation soz about pics but have nice straight bars and nice blue colouring 3cm $40 6cm $50 north end of gold coast upper coomera
  9. Stevefish

    Need it gone ASAP $1000 full set up

    all in all im happy with the fish very nice just the price i paid bit cheesed
  10. Stevefish

    Need it gone ASAP $1000 full set up

    no worries but u could have said something about the one that the great white u had in ya fish tank that had taken a big bite out of the back of it lol wouldn't have bothered me but been nice to have been told cheers
  11. Stevefish

    Need it gone ASAP $1000 full set up

    he's selling the rest of his fish now make sure you count them if u by them ones I got ment to b 20 got home counted them only 16
  12. Stevefish

    finally done it

    cheers its been long time coming the thought of carrying it 4 guys walking and all farting coz so heavy but done now wooohoooo
  13. Stevefish

    finally done it

    finally got my 6x2x2.5 mikula tank set up in my bedroom and my 4 little calvus still half full coz had to steal water from other tanks I had just changed I luv em
  14. hey julio i might b interested in ya mates fish cheers 

    1. Julio_13


      Which ones Steve?. If it’s the L270 and the peppermints they are all sold. 

  15. hey everyone just wondering if anyone has any bumblebee cichlids at all if so get bak 2 me cheers