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  1. No sorry I decided to keep them as there very nice fish thanks sue
  2. Thanks mate good 2 meet ya hope they go well 4 u
  3. Have a 8ft rack with a 8x2x2 3 2x1.5 and 2x2 all on top shelf 8ft middle shelf and 5ft sump sump leaks a bit but I could probably fix it if u want me to asking 350 pick up commera gold gold coast nth end commera please text as best contact thanks Steve 0424946845
  4. Hey just wondering if anyone has any sub adults or pair of 134s thanks
  5. On the second page on here Watsonboyd has some not far from the top of the page sorry there sold
  6. Have a young colony of electric blues 3m 12f just starting to breed couple with mouth fulls $150 can add more females for extra please text as best contact thanks Steve female has mouth full 0424946845
  7. Hi have a CL650 chiller $300 works great had it on my 5x2x2 and also have a hydor protein skimmer $150 approx 600mm high also worked great on my 5x2x2 pick up commera please text as best contact thanks Steve 0424946845
  8. 6.5x2x700 = $200 top quality 5x2x2= $100 tank only has 3D back top quality 5x2x2=$200 with stand cabinet 4x45x45=$50 not display quality 8x2x2=$50 has slight leak think some silicone will fix it can throw some fish in 2 for all tanks pick up commera gold coast Please text as best way of contact thanks Steve 0424946845
  9. No interest these r beautiful fish purchased from Shaun
  10. Had a previous buyer come back and was very happy with the 397s coloured up very well
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