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    Mate go with the crushed coral sand i got my from ageofaquariums think $60 for 20kg for my 4ft good for bio bacteria /buffing ph and hardness. just wash the shit out of it till it runs clear.
  2. mickodicko

    Help nitrite spike in new tank cycle

    Hey slip my NITRATES are fine it’s my NITRITES that are high!!! I’m guessing this is the process of my cycle but wanting to know if I should treat such a high reading of NITRITES during the cycle process or let it do it’s thing. My pictures are too big to post ammonia .25 NITRITES 5.0 + nitrates 10ppm sorry I’m not trying to be rude but a lot of people on other pages get confused between nitRITEs and nitrates lol
  3. Hi guys I have recently started up again a Cichlid tank consisting of Malawi Africans its 4ft 180lt running fluval 206 canister, and all other standard stuff my question is.... there is a nitrite spike in a bacterial bloom happening and I’m worried about it since nitrite is death!! Is this just standard in a tank cycle? It’s been 3 weeks with 25% water changes done weekly. Only chemicals I use is seachem prime and easy life conditioner. It has hardly no ammonia, low nitrate but 5ppm nitrite . This has been high for bout 3 days now. Fish don’t seem to show any Nitrite stress or symptoms should I just ride it out or smash it with prime? There is currently 9 juvenile fish and feed them minimal.