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  1. Love Age of Aquariums! Great staff, range and prices. The owners are the best <3
  2. Thanks, I can't use pots as my gravel is not deep, but i may be able to modify the net style ones (i have seen those). Thanks again I forgot all about those haha
  3. Hi I was planning to make some DIY plant weights to help keep my plants under my gravel. I have tried sinkers etc but thought that maybe I could make some where the gravel sits on top of a tank safe material. Basically I was wondering if seedling trays (for regular plants) are safe to put in aquariums? I want to cut some down, make a cut on the side and adjust the hole of the size of the bottom. Then get the plants in through the opening in the side and have the roots go through the hole in the bottom. Gravel would fill the cup shape and cover it all a bit. I attached some photos to explain but it is a VERY rough job and the seedling tray in question is too brittle (i would use a better quality one) not to mention the fake plant I found in my cupboard to demonstrate doesnt have roots, it has a big base instead. They give a rough idea though. Would seedling trays be ok in an aquarium? Or is there something better I could use? Any suggestions on anything related to design, construction, material etc?
  4. My tank is in the loungeroom too awesome setup! Looks amazing.
  5. Hi First of all, thanks for taking the time to read this. My problem started when i got my driftwood really, it was second hand and despite having been supposedly legy out of water and dried thoroughly before I got it... well it seemed to regrow some algae after a week or two. (Mind you, it was dried and I did have to weight it down in the tank until became logged again.) It is a dark greenish black algae and despite remaining short 90% of the time, it did once get long in places. Despite looking awesome on my logs.... it has taken over everything else in my tank as well now One photo shows the shape of it, but looks more brown than it is everywhere else in the tank. I think some brown algae is starting on the log too now . You can see it on the background of the tank and on plants too though and it is definitely a dark greenish black. My questions are; What kinds of algae are they? How do I deal with them and what caused them/is causing them? Is it possible to stop the spread of the stuff to my plants but keep it on my log? (Doubtful I know as it is a water bourne thing) I reaaaaally don't want to have to destroy the tank either to deal with it if at all possible. Thanks again for reading and any help is appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the welcomes looking forward to learning lots.
  7. Hey all Long time customer of the Age of Aquariums but first time poster here in this forum. I am slowly stocking my 4x2x2ft with schooling fish and plants and am hoping to be able to find some of the less common fish I love through the forum. I also like to read up on all kinds of fish stuff so the forum will no doubt entertain me and teach me lots.
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