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  1. sharknado

    Show us your ferals

    big man right here everyone look using a net - check bragging about killing fish - check can't wait to hear the excuses for this appalling behaviour.
  2. Any breeders on the gold coast ? Looking for about 12-15 giant danios to put in as dithers in 5ft malawi tank so need 5cm+ fish or they might end up as snacks Cheers
  3. sharknado

    Tropheus sp Red Moliro (fry)

    can you pm me which shop bought the 8cm ones I'll go buy one off them
  4. sharknado

    Tropheus sp Red Moliro (fry)

    even the 6-8cm ones?
  5. sharknado

    Tropheus sp Red Moliro (fry)

    you coming to the gold coast by any chance
  6. any photos ? any other fish for sale?
  7. Need up to 5l..on the gold coast
  8. I know jack shit about building tanks but just from reading what you said and having a 5ft 10mm myself tank I'd say nothing wrong with 12mm .. I think 15mm would only become necessary if you were going 65cm+ on the height.. edit: I missed the whole braceless bit ... don't think I'd be game to go braceless above 4ft shallow but if I had to defo at LEAST 15mm. It might cost a few hundred more upfront but how many thousands in damage if the silicone doesn't hold? That calculator probably assumes correct bracing. IMO 6ft braceless is kinda ..insane
  9. that's beautiful but please ....can you move tanks 1 & 2 closer together and close that damn gap that's triggering my ocd while you're at it ..tank 2 needs more lighting on the rhs lol
  10. sharknado

    aquarium warehouse labrador

    good riddance ..arrogant staff and dead/diseased stock everytime I went
  11. sharknado

    3 foot verse 4

    A number of factors not least of which a lot of fish are territorial and having extra length helps in that regard. Also 4ft gives you the owner a larger viewing window to actually enjoy the fish. It's not all about volume of water. Also depends entirely on the fish .. if you're keeping small tropical fish like tetras, then get whatever fits your decor the best. If you have african cichlids then you need the longest tank with the most vol you can manage..
  12. The canister I was eyeing for this was the Sunsun 603b which has the pump mounted on the outside and it's only <4W from what I recall so I don't think overheating will be an issue. 50-100lph flow isn't nothing either ..thats still a fair amount of water/cooling I reckon Yes it's an API test kit - can you recommend another brand ? I've tested my mates tank with this same kit and the result was < 10ppm and he uses an UGF and NEVER vaccums. Tested my tap water (0ppm) too so I dont think it my kit thats just showing high nitrates all the time but it would be cool to try a different brand especially if the process is faster and/or easier ie. doesnt require all the shaking.. I'm using NLS AlgaeMax and feed twice a day what they can eat in under 1min without any of the stuff falling to ground etc I've just stuffed 3l of Seachem Pond Matrix in my main canister hoping the much larger rocks will allow for anaerobic bacteria to survive deeper inside the rocks
  13. my concern has switched to the byproduct(s) of the anaerobic process ie hydrogen sulfide ...need to research just how much of an issue this would be with SOME constant flow
  14. I think the whole putting ressure on motors by restricting flow might be a bit of a myth and/or does not apply to these erlectro magnetic motos with magnetic impellers ..from what I've read in a few places anyway, thats why most canister have built in valve to restrict flow