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  1. All good buddy! Good luck with the hunt! The only other thing you could do if you aren't confident in DIY, is buying a stand and getting a cabinet maker to put on doors/clip on panels and then getting it professionally painted with 2pac.
  2. Hey mate. I got the tank/hood/stand from aquariumsrus. They don't paint or make cabinets like this, so I got the basic stand and then some MDF from Bunnings and did the doors myself. If you have a chat to them and tell them what you are planning, they actually modify the stand to suit flush panels like this. I ended up painting it myself, just got some 2pac paint from dulux. I couldn't find anywhere that make this style that doesn't cost a fortune (or at all for that matter), so decided to DIY it. If you want to go down that path let me know and I can give you some more info, or any other questions don't hesitate to ask. Cheers
  3. Thanks mate. I think I got that mirrorball off you.
  4. Hi, new member from Brisbane/Ipswich area. Currently have an 8ft all male peacock/hap display tank that I set up 8 months ago. All fish have been purchased locally from shops all over Brisbane with a couple of gumtree exceptions.
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