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  1. Ok yep, I get what you are saying. This information is great to learn and understand what is best for the fish. I plan on doing 30% weekly and have built a hose system to allow me to do this easily in about 20mins. The only reason for not wanting live plants is maintaining and supporting them, but I will do some reading into them more and understand more about what is involved. Thanks for the tips, I think I might head out to Stafford this weekend with my family, it's around an hours drive but that's we can make a day of it and go to a park out there first, I grew up that side of town so am quite familiar with it. Thanks!
  2. Hi Rod, Thanks for that feedback! I have white gravel at the moment which I don't the exact size but I would say normal gravel size and we really like the look of it in the tank. Would this still be ok? I is it fully necessary for live plants or is it a more of a comfort thing for the kribs to have live plants? Thanks, Daniel.
  3. Thanks for the responses here guys. MFF: Ok cool, yeah that's what I was reading too, just wasn't sure how they will cope with the kribs being territorial during breeding. However looks like from what I have read further is they seem to not bothered by being chased off and just continue on their merry way once the krib swims back to its territory. billfish: Thanks for that tip and have done so now, looks like what I was hoping they are only territorial when breeding occurs even then it is generally a simple chasing off from their home to protect their eggs. From the measurements I have just taken of the tank (153cm W x 53cm H 45 D), I have 365 litres give or take a bit depending how high I fill it I would imagine. So yeah should be fine to add half a dozen to a dozen by these calculations. Thanks for the tips guys, I am going to slowly keep building it up and post some pics when it's done.
  4. Ok cool, so I will avoid the guppies then. How about cloan loaches, would 1 or two be ok?
  5. Hi all, I will preface this post, I am a complete newb who is keen to learn and I spending a lot of time understanding how to manage and grow a good community of fish. Eventually I want to have a marine tank (would be a new tank of course!), but I feel this is the first logical step in the knowledge progression. I have recently been setting up a new 5ft tank that has been cycled and I have started to build up the community. This is a tank that isn't just for my appreciation but my entire family. My 3 boys, wife and I have really come to enjoy our small gold & catfish tank so much so we went and added this second one. We quite enjoy the more colorful varieties of freshwater. I have become quite fond (and so has my family) of the Kribensis Cichlid from seeing them in a local fish store and pictures. I have been doing quite a bit of research about them so I have some questions about making this tank work with them. But first I will endeavor to give some background on current status of the tank. Currently we have the following fish & Filtering 3x Albino Corydora's 2x Albino bristlenoses 3x Platy's 1x Eheim 2217 canister filter (1000l/ph) 1x SunSun 2000l/ph canister filter (backup) 1x AquaOne 990 AirPump At least 8 different ornaments & places which would be considered a place for the Kribs to hide, potentially adding some more to create a layered tank so the bottom dwellers (kribs & catfish) can have their space and territories (Kribs), Some ornaments will be quite tall to allow the upper layers to have areas to swim through, including taller fake plants. No live plants, lots of fake plastic plants and want to avoid getting live plants for the moment at least. I am looking to add more dither type fish over the next two weeks in order to prepare for the arrival of the Kribs which my local pet store says would arrive in around 3 weeks time. The plan is to add this week another 6 Platy's (exactly a week after adding the last 3, plus 1 bristlenose). Then next week 6 danios or Tetras. From my understanding the Kribs and other fish do well with having these higher level dither fish. 1. Would I be able to add in 6 Kribs, and if so what should be the sex ratio. 2. My eldest son really likes the cloan loaches, would I be able to add one or 2 of them, from what I have read due to the size they grow they don't seem to bothered by the kribs protectivness when they lay eggs. I think it is just the corydora's which I will have to sell or give away because they may have a problem. 3. After the Kribs, I would like to add another batch of community fish either guppies or more tetra's, would this be too many fish? Thanks in advance for any advice and help, apologies for the length of the post and if I have failed to provide any important information.
  6. Yes it is a bit of upgrade in size compared to our gold fish tank haha. It is 5ft D x 3ft H, 2ft W. I hope to get some pics up on the weekend after I have added some more stuff to it.
  7. Hi everyone, I am just starting to get into this hobby and have recently purchased a 2nd 5ft 1100ltr tank, previously I had just a little 1ft 50ltr tank with gold fish, but wanted to take it to the next level. I am currently planning to build up a colorful tropical fish tank. I have lots of dumb questions to ask, but I am keen to learn and gain some great knowledge about this hobby from all you folks. Thanks.
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