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  1. Thanks Butch, great to meet you to and thanks again for the shrimp :-)
  2. Hi Butch! I'm looking to get 100 cherry shrimp. Any chance for pick up on Sunday? Thanks!
  3. Hi there!

    Argh, I forgot to mention my 2 turtles in their pond at my old place.. still need to setup new ponds at this place and get them moved over.. *sigh* so many projects.
  4. Hi there! I've got a few aquarium's at home, 2 with Axolotl's (one's got a female and the other has 2 males - that was a steep learning curve on why they should be separated!), a tropical tank with guppies, dwarf honey gouramies and various other miscellaenous pisceans, a betta tank with a couple of MTS and I'm working on building up a cherry shrimp tank - for breeding and distributing to the other tanks as required :-) My dream one day is to have a marine tank but I'm not sure my budget can survive I've got a 'spare' weird-sized 4ft x 1.5ft tank I'm yet to populate but may end up with the female axolotl (and a friend) eventually.... found this site when looking for cherry shrimp for my shrimp tank of all things :-)