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    External tank heater problems.

    Thanks Mick I have treated five batches of eggs this week since it warmed up and have them in my incubators. Last batch probably the best, she still had the sperms cases firmly attached so every chance that I got the colchicine into the embryos at the two or four cell stage. I can already see that the ziss incubators outperform the simple tumbler type.
  2. Hi all, this is my first post so please don't expect much. I can't get my photos small enough to upload. Maybe later. (OK now I have photos) I have an 800lt IBC tank system for breeding Redclaw crayfish in the Lockyer Valley. Depending on the weather systems it can still be too cold for for breeding so I have been using tank heaters. The sump tank runs a flood and drain aquaponics bed to remove the ammonia as well so all up it takes a bit of heating. I just received a Sunsun EH500 from Hong Kong. I figured an inline heater would be neater and easier to live with. Once I get some bugs sorted I think it will. Ok so what is the catch? It cost $36.00 and needed a plug transplant, I don't care for adapters. Manual is in Chinese. Mine quickly gave an E8 error. The Web told me that was a short. It is easy to disassemble, 4 screws, the short comes from moisture. Construction consists of a glass tube wrapped by the heater coil and then insulation, probably asbestos, the brain is held in the plastic cowling. A small thermostat touches the water outlet (top). The obvious problem is the connection between the glass tube and the plastic fittings that receive and deliver the water. The rubber grommet is not a tight fit. I retro fitted mine with aquarium silicon and hopefully solved the cause of the problem. Unfortunately the asbestos was still damp and the error came back. So now I have the whole unit in an airtight biscuit container with a sock full of Calcium Chloride to dry out properly. The moral I guess is that these inline heaters should be good but if you buy the Sunsun brand carefully seal those glass/rubber joins before you install it. The only other thing is the E1 error, simply means that the tank temperature is higher than the set temperature. Any other display issues can be dealt with by turning off for a few seconds. About it for now, I'll work on making my photos smaller. Regards Gary