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  1. Cheers i’ll give both a try and monitor any differences.
  2. Hi all, ive just set up an 11L tank that i plan to keep bloody mary shrimp in. I have fluval stratum and some plants in the tank at the moment with an internal filter. So far the temperature in the tank was 29.6 degrees and today its 30.4 degrees. Ive just taken the lid of the tank to help with evaporation though i dont think that will be enough as ive read the the ideal temp for shrimp is around 22 degrees. Im thinking of putting something on the windows of my room to block the sun out. I live south of brisbane.
  3. Hi all im starting my first 11L aquarium with rcs and want to use fluval stratum as my substrate but all stores ive contacted in brisbane and the gold coast are out of stock if you have any spare that i could buy plz comment
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