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  1. Hi mark, My name is Cellina, and i'm new to this site, and going by your add you have been jerked around a bit, so i apologize in advance for this question, what does the PM in OFFERS AND PM ONLY mean please. Also am i in the right place for messaging you about your Umbee babies and fry?

    1. mark andrews

      mark andrews

      HI Celina,

      I just read your message,it should have been sent to my email address also,as well as here,PM means private message



  2. Hi, my name is Cellina and i have been doing community cichlids tanks for over 12yrs and i have decided on a change of just having an ultimate predator fish like an Umbee in my 6x2x2 tank, as i am new to this site any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you
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