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  1. Hey mate thank you for the reply, sadly mine died last night with similar symptoms , tried a lot over the last couple weeks cheers
  2. I am chasing somebody with extensive knowledge on the Gold Coast to give me a hand in helping me figure out what’s wrong with my mangrove jack. If somebody could assist me via phone call or by coming and checking/testing and visualy helping my jack through what’s wrong with him. We have approached a few aquariums shops with advice but at the end of the day I am chasing an experts advice as it’s day 7 of him not eating and having weird symptoms he is 12cm had him for 12 months, recent tank change all water tests are fine temp fine etc if some could contact me that would be great mark 0419388342 cheers
  3. hi there just getting back into it after a few years away, have a couple fish for sale too which ill post soon cheers
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