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  1. Need this guy re-homed..$ 20 north brisbane.
  2. Very nice mate, I like the design, I should have done my doors the same way. Next build I might copy this..cheers paul
  3. Hey mate so far so good, this was taken a few weeks ago, the doors were not thick enough for the hidden hinges so i had to be creative with making it work. Not far off being painted in 2 pack white, once its dry I have some metal angle to put on the edges and maybe a couple of door handles.. I will post some pics as soon as its done, cheers
  4. Good advice, I finished the structural side of it today and hope to start the ply this week, hopefully it goes smoothly!!
  5. Yeah I was thinking MDF, pretty cheap too! did you make the one in the picture?
  6. Absolutely mate its unfinished at this stage.
  7. Hi this is my unfinished 6 foot stand. Has anyone built their own stand and if so what could you recommend I do for a nice exterior finish....for eg. cupboard doors, shelves and what kind of wood was used? Cheers
  8. Excited to be a new member and looking forward to learning more about the hobby..cheers
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