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  1. Problem:- We have an angelfish with a swollen eye, over the last 6 weeks 3 have died with symptoms. Ph:- 7.4 Ammonia:-0ppm Nitrate:-10-20ppm Nitrite:-0ppm Gh:- Don't know Kh:- Dont know Size of tank:- 40 gallon Temperature °C:- 26 Been running for:- 15 months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- HOB, internal and mini sponge Fish in tank:- 3 angelfish and 1 yoyo loach. Plants in Tank:- Java moss, Java fern, penny wort. Not heavily planted. Feeding:- What food and How often Flakes are the staple and sometimes frozen blood worms and live brine shrimp as supplements Every 2 days. Recent Medication Treatments:- Salt bath Last water change:- 4 days ago 30% Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly Every week. Any other info I can supply if need be.
  2. Hi everyone I'm Kevin and just want to introduce myself to everyone. I have 3 tanks and keep mollies, platies, German rams and shrimps. I'm from Sydney and have had aquariums most of my life with breaks. This time around I have had my tanks over a year and they are going well with the odd little problem. I also look after my friends 11 aquariums, she started with one and got bitten by the bug. That's it and i hope i can make the odd contribution to the forum.
  3. Hi I am Kevin and i have just joined the forum and would like to introduce myself. I keep tropical fish ( mostly live bearers ) and shrimp and I am always keen to learn new things and ask the opinions of experienced fish keepers. I am sure i will enjoy and benefit from my time spent here. I am quite new to keeping shrimp, but learning as I go.
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