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  1. Thanks john, I'm planning on adding weekly liquid fertiliser. I have a vacuum already so will keep up my maintenance routine and do spot cleans when needed
  2. Hi everyone, I'm just seeking some advice and be patient, I've just set up a new planted 160L aquarium with sand substrate (first time I've done a planted aquarium). I've read varying opinions online about maintenance when it comes to vacuuming planted set ups. Some people say vacuum as you would with gravel or a non planted aquarium while others say it's a waste of time. I seen one post which said why would you remove dirt from the bottom of your tank only to supplement it with added liquid dirt/fertiliser and only to vacuum if it's for asthetics and makes you feel better. So I thought I'd ask opinions of everyone here? When it comes to sandy planted aquariums should you still vacuum or will weekly water changes and other maintenance do the job?
  3. Hey everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Jason and a complete newbie to aquariums, i've had a 70L tank for about 6 months now and am in the process of setting up and transferring over to a 160L which will be a bit more roomy for its occupants! Just wanted to join somewhere i could get some advice when needed and chat!
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