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  1. kingofkings


    I have 7 L397's 6 are 3 to 4cm's $35 each or $30 each if you buy 5 or more 1 is 5 to 6cm $50 Pickup Northlakes 4509
  2. kingofkings


    I have 7 L397's 6 are 3 to 4cm's $35 each or $30 if ypu buy 5 or more 1 is 5 to 6cm's $50 Pickup Northlakes 4509 South East brisbane
  3. kingofkings

    Guppies and mollies

    Can i gwt sone photos of the guppies
  4. kingofkings

    FS L066 Male 15-16cm

    Did he sell
  5. Hey I have 2 male and 2 female large pepps. Looking to trade for L numbers
  6. Want to trade my female L397 for a L066 female. Located North Lakes
  7. Common bristlenose fry 4 to 5cms $5 each 5 for $20 10 for $40 Located North Lakes
  8. kingofkings

    For Sale L333 4 - 5 CM ALL SOLD

    Any available
  9. What do you have jb?
  10. What do you have man?
  11. I live in northlakes near Redcliffe just seeing what L number plecos people have for sale or for trade?
  12. kingofkings

    QAH AUCTION this Saturday 3rd February

    What do the L numbers usually go for?
  13. I'm after some L number plecos in Brisbane. I have some male pepps at 12cm's to trade and also might just buy some. What do people have?