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  1. Heya vik. what time suits you considering your work hours? Just like to know so i can organise to meet up with pandapete. Are you available tomorrow arvo or is it better left for the weekend?

    Regards. Howie.

  2. Hi vik. Can you do 100 rcs for $30?

  3. Hi im interested in the lot of ur shrimp. Could u send a pic to 0433764042. And how much for the lot thanks

  4. awwwww .....he's soooooo cute!!! Does it come in blue?
  5. doxycycline is great for rivs with sunken stomach or bloat. Can be bought from vet fairly cheap for a fish u love :-)
  6. Hi vik i have another lot of 50 maingano ready if you need more.



  7. Dom

    PM send Vic.


  8. Hi Vic what's up you wanted me to pm you

  9. In box full mate

  10. hi lancew i had an urgent question. i have a large female gold riv that has servere bloat and another that has suddenly become egg bound. her tube is way down n tries to lay but no eggs come out. all the eggs look like they have pooled at the vent entrance. ive been adding epson salt to the water but no sign of relief for either girls. do uhave any suggestions thanks

  11. mate just letting u know i wont be able to get the fm devil off u. dont want to risk justins fish if i cant pick it up this afternoon from him. thanks anyway n good luck with the sales

  12. all are good and the young ones aren't affected just the bigger ones. Adults are fine too. I thought the small ones would drop off first if it was something in the water.
  13. i have a 5foot tank set up with various size bn in it. It has a slight snail problem also. Lately my albino's have all been dying. They were about 4 to 5cm each and This morning i found most of my commons about the same size all floating at the top. Wat would be causing this. Small bn don't seem to be dying just the bigger ones.
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