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  1. OK two weeks and two treatments, 7 days apart (Para-Cide) and there seems to be no change! Unless the anchor worms are dead but have not fallen from the fish as they are quite well stuck on. There seems to be a fair bit of skin damage when I pull one from the side of a fish. Here is a new photo of one I removed today. I don't remember them being this black before treatment so I'm hoping they are dead and waiting to drop... In this hope I have refilled the pond and will wait a few weeks to see the long term results.
  2. I started removing the parasites but it just appeared impossible the fish were wise to me and the net after a few goes. I have decided to drain the pond down to about 500 litres and treat with some Para-Code by Blue Planet. The active ingredient is "trichlofon". I will update once it is all treated (twice)!
  3. I was concerned about the collateral damage of a nuclear strike.... It would be a shame to kill everything as it all seems to be going rather well as an ecosystem. (Apart from the anchor worms ) Lots of snails, dragonfly larvae etc. Is any treatment likely to kill insects as well? I have two honey beehives and native bees nearby, they are always in the pond drinking the water! not sounding fun!
  4. Hmm... back of the envelope maths would put it somewhere between 1000 and 2000 litres!
  5. Thanks very much! Yep that’s definitely what I’ve got! now how to treat a whole pond???
  6. I removed one of these growths, and It had what appeared to be a "grappling hook" attachment where it was connected to the fish!
  7. Hi all, Spring last year I completely re vamped my pond, new liner and all. Once rebuilt i put in some pond plants, some from the old pond and some new from aquarium and some from a dam. The only fish I have put in are 5 crimson spotted rainbows, which have bred considerably to hundreds! A few of the older fish and many of the young now have what appears to be a tuft of algal growth sprouting from their bodies. I can't find anything online which describes this type of growth. Can anyone identify it, and suggest a "cure"? Filter is working well and the water is clear but I haven't checked the pH. Thanks, Graham.
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