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  1. Thanks guys. The straight end is just to make things clearer. I had an elbow setup on the inside of the tank but removed for illustration of my issue. I will try the entry into sump above water level. I was hoping to exit at the bottom to make the most of the biological media there but hoping it will work all the same? If that doesn't work i will try a small hole at the top of the exit elbow in the bulkhead to alleviate the pressure and see if that works. Appreciate all the help and will keep you posted!
  2. Hi guys, Not sure if this belongs here but feel free to let me know if i have to relocate. I converted a wine barrel into a fish tank some time ago and am trying to fit it with a sump. It is now all plumbed up but it doesn't seem to be flowing. Now I'm not much of a plumber so please feel free to be honest, no feelings will get hurt here! I'm thinking that maybe it is because there is air in the line? The overflow does come 'into' the barrel angling slightly down (due to the shape of the barrel), could this be causing an air pocket like a toilet? It does seem to be trickling through to the sump but not with any real flow. Looking for any advice/brutally honest criticism haha! Thanks guys
  3. Hi all, It is waterproofed with a pond sealer and yes I heated and curved the perspex myself. That was a mission but next time will be a tonne easier. I have a vacuum for press that i ended up using to heat the perspex until it was pliable, then i shaped to suit. I don't have fish in it atm as i tried to aquascape it (unsuccessfully) and have just removed all of the crap in it to go back to a simple setup. I will however probably screw a piece of driftwood with an Anubis on it to the side for a little flare. I have a number of guppies (which have just had around 25 fry) which i will most likely put in there. I also used some devils ivy for a little aquaponic setup to help with maintenance which is running from one of these. I also have one of these air bubble filters Some more images from the build............
  4. Hi Guys, I am new to the hobby and the site. I started to get interested in aquariums recently and being somewhat 'handy', I decided to have a crack at a unique aquarium build. I ended up building an aquarium from a full size wine barrel and putting a perspex porthole in the front for viewing. I'd love to get some feedback from you guys on your thoughts and potential issues going forward just please keep in mind that I am a builder/cabinet maker/creator and not a seasoned aquarium enthusiast. I just had an idea and wanted to get into the hobby. I wouldn't mind making a few of these for people either, if there was some interest. Thanks in advance. (First and last images are of the tank empty) Aaron
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