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  1. G'day The Guppy Guy, Thank you for the reply. I will give that a go as even though the fish is swimming around as normal on its own, eating etc. The wound does not seem to be healing. Cheers Perry
  2. Thank you for your reply. I have had the sharks together with two large silver tanks together in my 200 lt tank for years. I have never seen them aggressive. Thank you for the warning I will keep an eye on them. I hope that it will heal as I would hate to lose it. Cheers Perry
  3. G'day, I am a new member I would like some help with my fish problem. I have an assortment of tropical fish. I have three large Red Tail Sharks. I noticed on has a Ulcer type wound on its back. I have removed it into a 20 lt tank and added a heater it heat the water to 24c . I added a Table Spoon of Aquarium Salt and a does of Stress Coat. It has been in the small tank for two day but it does not seem to be improving. Please could somebody tell me what I need to do to heal the ulcer. I took a photo but it is not too clear. Cheers Perry
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