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  1. Perry 100

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    G'day The Guppy Guy, Thank you for the reply. I will give that a go as even though the fish is swimming around as normal on its own, eating etc. The wound does not seem to be healing. Cheers Perry
  2. Perry 100

    New Member requires help

    Thank you for your reply. I have had the sharks together with two large silver tanks together in my 200 lt tank for years. I have never seen them aggressive. Thank you for the warning I will keep an eye on them. I hope that it will heal as I would hate to lose it. Cheers Perry
  3. G'day, I am a new member I would like some help with my fish problem. I have an assortment of tropical fish. I have three large Red Tail Sharks. I noticed on has a Ulcer type wound on its back. I have removed it into a 20 lt tank and added a heater it heat the water to 24c . I added a Table Spoon of Aquarium Salt and a does of Stress Coat. It has been in the small tank for two day but it does not seem to be improving. Please could somebody tell me what I need to do to heal the ulcer. I took a photo but it is not too clear. Cheers Perry