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  1. Depending on the fish you have in there you could use snail killer to treat the tank too.
  2. Not save even if its dried out. I would bleach it or put it in the oven.
  3. The cables behind my tanks are a mess and to find the right plugs to pull during water changes i want to label them. Just wondering if anyone has come up with a smart way of doing that. Thought of using masking tape with a marker. Any better ways out there?
  4. Thats possible. A bit odd that it goes up to 99 then. Have the setting on 0 atm and hope that will do the same. Thanks for your answer.
  5. Hi all, There is a function on my automatic feeder which will let you choose "days" from 0-99. Not quite sure what this function is for. I worked out how to set feeding times and the amount of scoops. Not sure about the days tho. Want the feeder to feed the fish every day while i am at work. The feeder has no name otherwise i would have googled instructions. Help is much appreciated.
  6. Pretty sure i got the Avery 500 but you can ask them they will recommend the right one. Lots of colours to choose from and really cheap. But as joller said you should get it at any sign shop.
  7. The one you have seen yesterday was from here: http://www.gamart.com.au/Brisbane.aspx
  8. Try this stuff it works. http://www.everten.com.au/bar-keepers-friend/bar-keepers-friend-cleaner-340g.html Credit to the king of DIY Joey.
  9. Hello everybody. I could use some help lifting a tank on a cabinet. We meet at 10am tomorrow/Saturday in Rothwell. Please PM me if you could help out for 10min. Beers will be provided.
  10. Do most of my water changes with rainwater in Rothwell. No issues here all fish happy and breeding. I have a tiled roof but.
  11. Yes i agree with all of that. But how does it get in most tanks? I heard that parasite is present in the tap water and you wrote it is not. Not claiming i am right, just want to know what you think.
  12. Where does white spot come from? I once read that it is in tap water in small and sometimes higher concentrations. Always assumed that was true.
  13. I would also use bleach and make sure you stir up the sand to prevent anything from surviving underneath. Then just drain and run on tap water with an overdose of water conditioner for a few days. Keep in mind that white spot comes from the tap water and can infect fish when stressed or weak. So no guarantee that it wont come back (UV sterilizer might do the trick).
  14. I am really happy with the tanks he build for me. Would recommend him any time. Here is a pic of my 6x3x2 with internal sump. Cabinet and hood are also by Pete:
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