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  1. Thanks all for the comments. To answer a couple of the questions, the larger tank filtration is through the base of the tank and runs 3 external canister filtration. There is a Fluval FX5/6 at either end-running standard media (matrix, noddle’s). The middle filter is a Fluval 406 running sponges only with the 4 baskets full of purigen, which returns through a 36w uv sterilizer. The plumbing was a little tricky and have ended up using Marineflex (aka Cichlidwife earlier projects) which made the job a lot easier. There is enough hose to allow the filters (FX5/6) to be moved outside the cabinet as I have plans to have them on a slide out draw arrangement for ease of maintenance. Also the stand has been built to support a sump if required at a later stage. This tank with hood is actually taller than the older tank, so have some work to do around making the hood tilt back is situate rather having to lift it of each time to clean. I have added some fish to the tank today Lemon Tetras x 50 Bolivinan Rams x 6 Hatchet (Jumbo big buggers) Fish x 8 Peppermint Bristlenose x 4 (2 male and 2 female) Geophagus Surinamensis x 10. I will let them all settle before adding the next set of fish, planning on Corydorus Sterbai x 20 Geophagus Altifrons x 10 and bank manager permitting in August / September Peruvian Altum Angel x 10 Will post some more photos as the tank and fish settle.
  2. I did forget to add a “big thank you” to the forum members who accepted my numerous (bordering on harassment) questions of them around the tank setup, fish requirements and tank conditions. Again thanks it did remove a lot of gobble that is out there on the internet.
  3. so the continuation of the empty wall. I have watched with envy the many threads on the site around large tanks and thought it time to give it a go and as it happens I have a wall that would support an average size tank. I have been a fan of American cichlids for a while and thought I should ease into it with a less angry fish. So the new tank will be set up to support mainly Geophagus. the empty wall from part 1 the new tank - 2400 x 750 x 750 Ready for fish I finish it yesterday and am still fiddling with the lighting but at this stage am happy with the result. Next step is fish shopping. thanks for looking.
  4. Over the last year I have struggling to maintain my 6x2x3 malawi cichlid tank, the height has been the main issue and I have needed to pull it down to move it as i wanted the wall for another project (part2). Had the new tank delivered last weekend and have finally swapped out the fish from the old to the new smaller version 6x2x2 with all fish settling in nicely. The Old The new tank relocated and full of fish all happy, removed some of the trouble makers and the empty wall and now for part2
  5. Thanks for the link matmatmat it sort of confirms that it shouldn't effect them, I am treating a community tank of Malawi Cichlids and I didn’t want to harm the resident pleco.
  6. Hi can anyone let me know if Metronidazole will effect my pleco?
  7. Hi Steve The tank had been running for 6 weeks prior to the fish being added and it has been 8 weeks since they were introduced so in total around 14 weeks since the tank was first setup. The tank had been cycled with Seachem Sability before the first lot of fish had been introduced with the temp at 26.5, Nitrites at 0 ppm, ammonia at 0 ppm, nitrate at 0 ppm, PH at 7.8 and holds at this with the help of a generous amount of aragonite within the gravel. The water was set up to match that of the supplier and had been setup and stable for 2 weeks prior to the introduction of the fish. All chemicals used for setup and management are SeaChem and are Stability, Malawi Buffer, Prime and Cichlid Lake salt. After the fish were added to the tank all reading where tested daily for the first week and then every second day after that with no readings moveing much from the initial setup. Water changes have been 25% for the first two weeks, moving out to fortnightly with a couple of larger ones of late due to the deaths. Filtration is handled by 2 x Fluval FX5 filters which have a combination of the standard Fluval noodles and purigen. Patto
  8. Hi I am after some advice on health issues with my Sunshine Peacocks. I have a 1,000 liter tank that has a variety of Malawi Cichlids (started at 62 fish). The tank had been running for 6 weeks before any fish were introduced and has been running for 8 weeks today with all water parameters are all within range. The fish were purchased from 2 different suppliers, 40 from one and the remainder from another with all fish under 4 cm. The tank has run along with out a problem till about a week ago when 1 of the peacocks died, the only visible sign of a problem with fish was it was swimming in the out flow of the filter. Since the first death there has been a subsequent 6 of the sunshine’s die. I have been to the Smiths Aquariums a couple of times to have water tested and last Friday to have the fish autopsied. The treatment recommended has been a course of Myxazin with today as day three. I have another two deaths since starting the treatment and I know have a Dolphins and an Electric Yellow with what appears to be similar symptoms. Any other suggestions or advice would be appeaciated Cheers Patto
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