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  1. 1x Ptyochromis sp. “salmon” hippo point - Female. - $20 (First Pic) 1x Iodotropheous Sprengerea “Rusty/Lavender” - Male. - $10 (Third Pic) 1x Aulonocara Hansbaenschi “Red Shoulder Peacock” - Female. - $10 (Second Pic) Our tank is overstocked so just trying to reduce numbers. Pick up Ormiston. BYO bucket and net.
  2. Heya just wondering if you have any rainbows left? Where abouts on the Northside are you??
  3. Hi guys!! Im new to fish keeping.. I have a 4ft African Cichlid set up.. We have 2 blue dolphins, 2 electric yellows, 2 rustys, 2 red shoulder peacocks and 1 hippo point salmon (sadly today her mate passed away.. I’m devo..)
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