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  1. What lake tang fish are out there available must be young as going in a young community tank
  2. Aqua one 1250 l/ph canister had new media taps and hose but no pipe that goes in tank Works but the prime button is jamed Offers
  3. Huge ship 3 foot long 400mm high offers
  4. Looking for tropheus in or near brisbane Seeing whats out there
  5. Colony of multis 2 female 5 male Approx 18months old Offers located redcliffe
  6. Have 5 multis that need a new home about 18 months old Located redcliffe 0449792982
  7. Looking for some shell dwellers in or near brisbane will be after around 10 to start a colony
  8. So we left the hobby mainly due to renting and having to move tanks We are still renting but have decided to keep smaller fishes previously we had a 5 fo ot mbuna tank and 5 foot tropheus tank Now we have a 3 foot tank and planning on keeping lake tang shell dwellers of sort not sure exactly what species suppose it depends on what we can get as they seem to be on the expensive side and we havent found a lfs with any as yet Anyways my 17 year old son has decided to get into the hobby with a 3 foot mixed malawi tank Will be intersting to see how that one works out with agression etc
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