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  1. Anyone know where i can get some of these My son has his tank ready and waiting for a group
  2. Looking for saulosi north bris
  3. Established driftwood with narrow leaf java and assorted moss nice piece $40 Redcliffe 4020
  4. Ive got 2 tropheus bemba red About 8cm nice size Pick up redcliffe Make me an offer need to go today
  5. What tropheus are for sale atm
  6. Looking for a tank stand hood no filter etc needed bit may look at whole setup 5 or 6 foot but max 20 inch wide In brisbane or nearby
  7. 16 in total about 8 months old very nice quality and Very healthy $300 Located redcliffe
  8. Looking for some rams doesnt matter type
  9. 2 x black calvus $20 each 1x pair of julidichromis maleri $40 pair Very high quality fish Will be taking out tomorrow morning Located redcliffe Need to go so my tropheus can have the tank to them selves 0449792982
  10. Make an offer I paid $25 each when they were 2cm Now most at 6cm
  11. Ive got 16 tropheus bemba red around 5 months old thinking about selling redcliffe
  12. Have just brought my son 8 year old His first tank as an xmas gift Its a fluval 60 litre My question is it came with a tiny filter that has carbon pads in it not very big and a tiny air pump with a stone Im thinking i get rid of both of these use a descent sponge and descent air pump instead Will this be better and will it create enough water movemont on its own The plus side is if i do this i can swap a new sponge for one out of my already established tank (have 2 in there plus a canister so wont affect this tank) Thanks in advance
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