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  1. His name is Mark Golden, He worked at atlas for many many years way back when atlas used to be at the grange, he eventually worked his way up and became the manager, he did this for quite a few more years but left shortly after the business was sold to a new owner. I havent seen him in a long time so am unsure what he is doing now
  2. As mentioned excellent filtration is required, as well as a big enough tank to house them, they grow very quickly. Hole in the head shouldn't be a problem if you keep the tank clean and water changes up, other than that they are quite an easy fish to keep, fun too. As for tank mates, I had a Pleco, 2 green terrors and a flower horn, I started them as juvies and they grew up together so aggression was low, occasionally they would have a little fight but nothing to worry about, they were also in a 6 foot tank
  3. Thats what i thought, i had a quick look at the aquariums listed above and also the one near jb hifi in maroochy but not much around Thanks for the replies guys
  4. Can anyone recommend any aquariums on the sunshine coast, around maroochydore area?
  5. Thanks for the replies guys, I was thinking of putting in a few silk plants to add a little more colour to the tank, I will see if I can find anything I like, though I am happy with it the way it is
  6. Well as you can see it came up a treat, I have a few friends that keep fish and all love this tank, I love this tank, all I did was gut the fluoros and kept the lid piece in tact and put LEDs in. I had my old man have a look at repairing the original flouros but they were past it You kept this tank is great condition Edwin, hardly a mark on it, I have read about the tank you picked up, one word, MASSIVE Best of luck with it
  7. Yep, this is the tank I bought from you Edwin, I had another setup which I swapped into this one
  8. Thanks Donny, much appreciated The tank is great at the moment, the size of the fish when they mature will help me convince my wife that I need a bigger tank, I had a 8 footer but sold it, she said no more, I say more more more haha I have a 620t as well that I am probably going to setup a similar way but use pure crushed coral sand and lava rock with a blue backing, I'm hooked on Africans, I never thought I would have them, now I do I want more I will come down to see you Donny when I need the lava rock ( when I'm allowed to have the lave rock) haha
  9. Ok, I thought the time has come to post up pictures of my 2 foot cube aquarium for a critique, I would appreciate opinions from you guys, good or bad as this is my first attempt of keeping Africans, I have kept everything else from marine to goldfish to oscars and everything in between. Anyway, the tank is a 650s aqua one cube with black sand substrate and egg crate underneath, heaps of Texas holey rock for a reef look. It's being filtered with an FX5 canister filled with matrix, marine pure and macropore, also the top is being skimmed via a tunze comline filter filled with wool and macropore. A 150w jäger heater keeps the water at a constant 26 degrees and an aqualina led light replaces the 4 x 18 inch flouro lighting the tank originally came with. There's a fair mixture of cichlids in the tank, probably around 22, plus there's a pleco hiding in there aswell This tank has been running for 6 months like you see it with no problems[ATTACH=CONFIG]38910[/ATTACH] I think that pretty much sums up the tank, so any suggestions or opinions are appreciated Hopefully the photos work Thanks very much
  10. Ok so I have been watching the tank now for about half an hour, her mouth is opening a fair bit more today and I noticed what I thought were eggs in her mouth, then as she was spooked by me she spat an egg out of her mouth which was quickly eaten by another fish. Well I think it was an egg, it was about 2mm maybe a bit smaller, hard to tell and looked off white / yellowish in colour So by the look of it she's holding eggs, I was concerned as she hadn't eaten in at least a week and I noticed her mouth looked odd, but this has certainly answered my question. All replies are very much appreciated, I will post up a video of my setup for a critique Thanks again
  11. No worries bigpete, no harm done mate I will post up any changes in appearance or if she's holding Petfish, if it turns out to be what you mentioned, am I able to correct it?
  12. Thanks for the fast replies, I haven't had that fish for very long, maybe 6 weeks and I don't remember it looking like that when I got it. I was worried about deformity or an issue with the mouth but I didn't think about eggs though? I fed them tonight and watched carefully and that fish didn't eat anything at all, It looked as though it wanted to but it didn't Something else I thought I would mention, after watching them for about an hour, this fish was swimming next to some holey rock and it looked as though it was "shimmering" or did a shimy, I can't think of another way to describe it, was only very brief but I hadn't noticed it before. I'm fairly new to Africans so the learning curve is steep but interesting none the less I will take a full tank video of my setup and post it up, maybe I could get a few pointers from the qldaf community
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