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  1. Just set this beauty up today fluval accent 95L
  2. Updated pic guys added a bit more driftwood and another pic of Barry the Birchir
  3. So due to the overflow setout I ended up changing the tank to bare bottom and going with a few larger growing fish as I got tired of getting fish out of the sump and plants clogging up the over flow so now we’ve got 1 Senegal Birchir 2 rotkiel severums 1 firemouth 1 spotted Raphael catfish 2 L270 plecos 10 Odessa barbs looking forward to seeing everyone grow up I’ll try and get some better photos of the tank mates when I can but here’s a full tank shot and Barry the Birchir IMG_0451.MOV IMG_0451.MOV
  4. Ended up changing it up a little bit and adding a bunch of Anubias as Smith’s had a ripper deal going
  5. Hey guys got around to setting up my new tank last night thought I’d post a pic and update as the plants grow and as I add more ect 106x64x60 tank
  6. I’m gonna day another plus one for the harlequin rasboras I had 6 in the same size tank with a pair of apistos and it looked great
  7. I’ll get a photo up once my filter and stuff arrives so I can set it up
  8. Hahaha never! looks like it’s working now
  9. Cheers guys does anyone know how to reduce the size of photos on the iPhone so I can upload them?
  10. Hey guys finally getting back into some fish keeping after a few years break from it picking up a nice little 120L tank this afternoon and going to stock it with some apistos, tetras and probably whiptails, keen to post some pics soon
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