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  1. 2nd that how much are you after mate and where is the pickup suburb??
  2. Anyone wanna make an offer pretty negotiable if gone tomorrow?
  3. Hey guys can do for $300 this week if gone by Saturday for everything (filter and heater cost me $275 only a month ago)
  4. Interested mate im off next Monday if I can pick up then?
  5. FS 2ft sun sun curved front tank cabinet and hood with an LED light put into the hood the filtration is removed from the hood and I’m running an Eheim classic 2213 also has an Eheim thermocontrol heater 150W chasing $180 or make an offer for the tank, cabinet, hood and light chasing $200 for the filter and heater as they are only 1 month old still have all the instruction books and warranty ect may also consider swaps or part swaps for fish of interest (chasing discus and apistos more interested in juivies May also be interested in anything else that will go with them in a planted community)
  6. Hey guys got around to setting up my new tank last night thought I’d post a pic and update as the plants grow and as I add more ect 106x64x60 tank
  7. TK94


    Hey just curious are these plants grown in a tank with co2?
  8. I’m gonna day another plus one for the harlequin rasboras I had 6 in the same size tank with a pair of apistos and it looked great
  9. I’ll get a photo up once my filter and stuff arrives so I can set it up
  10. Hahaha never! looks like it’s working now
  11. Cheers guys does anyone know how to reduce the size of photos on the iPhone so I can upload them?
  12. Hey guys finally getting back into some fish keeping after a few years break from it picking up a nice little 120L tank this afternoon and going to stock it with some apistos, tetras and probably whiptails, keen to post some pics soon
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