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  1. Just as a final formality I did check with Fisheries QLD and they confirmed there are no restrictions on fishing here and confirmed the 20 bag limit for rainbow fish. He also suggested if old mate shows up next time to record his name and the company and report them back to Fisheries Department.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone, as I thought I was following the rules to the tee. I will check out ANGFA next time!
  3. Interesting, so I think that guy was working for some third party company and was saying what his clients told him to say, not what's legally binding.
  4. Hi All, I was just doing some collecting at Bulimba Creek when someone approached me with a work polo that said Bio Diverse or something like that, asking if I am fishing. Long story short he stated that fishing was illegal here and I can't take anything, citing some act from 1996 about not taking anything from nature, including fish. I asked if it's just this creek and he said he protects all the creeks in South East Brisbane? I can't find any information about Bulimba Creek being off limits or the collection of fish being illegal in Queensland, has anyone got information or had a similar experience? I had just found a whole bunch or duboulayi too
  5. Just saying hello, thanks for accepting me! I am keen on getting some S. Repens soon if anyone has some after a trim
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