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  1. Hey guys I have my 2500l pond that is stocked with 3 turtles a dovii and jag or 2 and 2 chocolate common plecos (should start breeding soon) and 2 sailfin plecos (unknown If pair or not) my question is. Are native water Lily’s going to be safe for my plecos ? I have no idea what type I have just found a large number of them down my local creek. I have listed the fx5 and the fx6 for sale and will be putting in a huge pond system when finished. Will a 20,000lph system be to much water flow for the Lily’s. I am just starting with the Lily’s but plan to raid the local creeks to find more native plants to plant in the pond as well. Any suggestions?
  2. Phone playing up so can’t attach photos. Filter is running at the moment so happy for you to inspect located rochedale south
  3. Have a fluval fx5 I am looking at getting rid of. All sponges, hoses and ends. Works fine I just don’t like them. $300 or make an offer fx6 now for sale as well. Under 12 months old so still under warranty and will supply the original purchase receipt so by chance if anything does go wrong warranty can be claimed. All sponges media and hoses. $400 for fx6 $650 for both
  4. AMAZING!!! I will try and be there. it’s my daughters school and only 2 minutes from my house!! any idea on the schedule for the day? crap!! Just spoke to the minister am booked to head to toowoomba for a family thing. How often are these on at springwood? Where do I go to keep posted on when and where
  5. Does anyone know where and when the next auctions are?
  6. Other option would be to have more than one collection point and return point in your tank. It’s a little more complicated but if you want to turn the tank water as often as you are out another dump and return half way down the tank. Does anyone agree or deny this therory. Have seen it done a couple of times on big tanks to really push the water turn over
  7. Hey guys (and girls). I have a fx5 and a fx6. And I am NOT impressed with them. For keeping a bioload on a tank they do a really good job but to keep it clean.... was not worth the money. I have sold my 8x2x2 tank and now have thrown the fx5 on a 2500L pond just to keep some sort of filteration whilst I build a custom canister of sorts. I had the fx6 on the 8 ft tank with a few large American chiclids and it just could not keep up. Was doing massive (around 40-50%) water changes every weekend just to keep in clean. Also had a 104F Aqua 1 internal on tank as well Whats the general consensus out there. Love them or hate them
  8. I know right!!!! Was sad to see her go. Btw mate I WILL definitely be in to see you about those seacam impellers. Just been FLAT OUT.
  9. Been a really peaceful girl but time for you to move on to bigger better things. And time for me to breed my dovii !
  10. Just pulled my synspillum out for some to view for purchase 23cm.
  11. Thanks for the info I have NOOO African experience. Everything of mine always has been American.
  12. Currently designing a filter system so I can take my fx5 and fx6 back inside!!!
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