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  1. Hey all, wanting to buy a rack system on a single sump. Let me know what you have for sale. Would prefer a 6 tank system
  2. sadly we have lost another fish collector to power bills. Mate of mine called me to clear out what was left of his fish room. He was just sick and tired of the power bills. Most things I have managed to pass on again. However I have a 40 cm longfin eel. And it’s a MAJOR escape artist. Nice colours and all but dam. My question is. What are they worth. I don’t want to chase stupid but don’t want to low ball it either. I have been asked to sell what I can for him but I have just got no idea on this one. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks
  3. I will only wash mine once to get the bigger particulates out then I’ll just put it in the tank! However I’ll throw an extra internal filter or 2 loaded with filter floss to scrub out the smaller particles. Stirring up the water every hour or so. Filter floss is cheap enough it doesn’t worry me how much I go through
  4. Cheers John. I will just pop around this week and see him at the shop. Got to pick up some impellers off of him anyway
  5. Hey guys does anyone know if a Nautilus 2700 spray bar will fit a fx5 and fx6
  6. I’m good mate. Thanks for the information on the mosquito fish. Love the fact that everyone here is happy to spread information and experiences. That’s why I signed up . I’m nathan by the way
  7. ... ok sweet. Thanks for the information mate!! Will be disposing of them ASAP
  8. Ok. So they are a pest species. Is it even “legal” for me to have these as feeder fish then? Have them in a separate tank doing a “cleanse” have treated for worms and given a multi cure. Was intending to use as feeder fish
  9. Hey all. Took my kids down the local creek netting for something ANYTHING. Just something to keep the kids entertained. We were catching a heap of these (have attached a few photos.) i have done a bit of googling and I think they are South American mozzie fish. Gambusia affinis. Can someone please either confirm or deny this? thanks for the help!!! nathan
  10. I have 2 x chocolate common plecos that kept my 8x2x2 spotless. I have been told that they produce a huge bio load though
  11. There is someone on gumtree constantly listing them and willing to post if that helps
  12. Hey mate just seen this thread. Jack can be very sensitive to temperature changes. You need to be careful during the hot months just as much as the cooler ones. If they get to hot they will not cope. For a very hardy fish it seems to be there achillies heel
  13. Hey guys I have my 2500l pond that is stocked with 3 turtles a dovii and jag or 2 and 2 chocolate common plecos (should start breeding soon) and 2 sailfin plecos (unknown If pair or not) my question is. Are native water Lily’s going to be safe for my plecos ? I have no idea what type I have just found a large number of them down my local creek. I have listed the fx5 and the fx6 for sale and will be putting in a huge pond system when finished. Will a 20,000lph system be to much water flow for the Lily’s. I am just starting with the Lily’s but plan to raid the local creeks to find more native plants to plant in the pond as well. Any suggestions?
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