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  1. Hi aquaholic99, Thank you for your reply. Very much appreciated! Well, that is yet another cause eliminated then. Yesterday I did transfer the one remaining/surviving goldfish into a smaller (28 liter) molded tank which I had run up for a couple of days previous. It is positioned 2 meters from the main tank (i.e. also outside) Identical conditions as far as I can judge. The health of the fish at time of the transfer was sad to say the least (mainly just sitting on the gravel). Within a couple of hours of the transfer it picked up, swam around like you'd expect a healthy fish to do and is now eating with considerable appetite. Maybe I shouldn't put my hopes up too much but it's been in there for 36 hrs now so I'm quietly hopeful. I have noticed a slight increase in algae in the main tank. Research has not suggested this should be dangerous for the fish even though there appear to be some 'species' of algae that can be. However, I have lost fish even when there was no sign of algae, i.e. crystal clear water. I do have a piece of aluminium slightly immersed into the tank (for the purpose of holding pipes and other equipment in place). It was however part of the set up 10-12 years ago, and at that time I had no problems. Other than that I am at a total loss... Appreciate your thoughts. Cheers and again Many Thanks for your help. BosseT
  2. Hi, I have a 15 year old aquarium tank which hasn't had water in it for more than 10 years. I recently decided to fire it up again, thought I did all the right things re filtration, gravel cleaning, water testing etc before I bought some gold fish. Within a day or two the fish started to die. The aquarium is situated outdoors but in a sheltered gazebo (no direct sun light). Temperature variations is a worry but I run a chiller as well as heaters and manage to keep the temp between 25.2 and 26.1 degrees over any 24 hrs period. (like I said, gold fish...) A fluro is timer controlled to be on for 12 hrs during daylight hours. I took sample of the water to my local pet shop. They confirmed that the water met all requirements re ammonia, nitrate, PH etc. The temperature was monitored and confirmed fine. The pet shop experts are as confused as I am as to why the fish die (I have bought 4 lots of fish over the last couple of months and all have died within 5-7 days. The water is clear, there have been no insecticide or similar sprayed near the tank. I have varied the food (newly bought), neither over fed, nor underfed the fish (I hope...) Monitored ammonia levels daily! I was running out of ideas until a friend suggested "is it possible that the sealant holding the glass panels together, give off some undesirable poisons"? (apparently aging sealant has been known to cause problems in 'other areas', including giving off poisonous substances) I would really appreciate any thoughts on this issue. I hate the idea of giving up on my aquarium but feel awful about killing the fish. Kind Regards with a cry for HELP! BosseT
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