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  1. And I just noticed that there are templates for these sorts of questions... d'oh.
  2. Here's a couple of phone pix that I put through Photoshop to try to make them clearer. Had to try to remove the ultra-violet glow off the water, but these should give an idea. The grass plants were good and green all over, but you see the mushy yellow colour now. I found a new bit of white stuff floating on the surface. And you can see the other plant underneath, which is getting many brown strands in it.
  3. I got them at a reputable Aquarium shop, and they were in a tank of thriving plants. I've since removed the white stuff, but if it comes back, I'll take a pic of it and post. I realise I'd have to start the cycling process all over again. That's alright, though.
  4. Tank's been "cycling" for over a week now. Got a fair way to go, I reckon. But I've noticed the plants are starting to look a bit ill. The grass is yellowing from the roots up, and the long weed is browning on its stems. I've had a light on above it every day, all day, so I thought it was getting some UV. Then, this morning I noticed a small, (about ten cent size) patch of floating white stuff. I've never seen that before. So I'm thinking perhaps the tank has some sort of "infection" or other. It's an old tank which was sitting empty in my garage for yonks. No fish in it yet. So I started thinking maybe I have to "disinfect" or sterilise my water before I go any further. I've known about the effect of Ultraviolet light on bacteria, etc. and I googled it for aquariums. As everyone here undoubtedly knows, turns out there are plug-in devices on the market that emit UV and that can be submerged in fish tanks. Bit exxy, though. But I happen to have several of those dark-purple so-called "Black Light" bulbs which I used in my film-making days. They make fluorescent paint fluoresce. Good for special effects. So I was thinking, would these have any positive effect on my water, if left hovering over the tank for, say, two weeks? They're 25 Watt. Ta.
  5. Not all that funny, eh. Sorry, guys.
  6. I've asked a lot of probably-annoying newbie questions since joining and nobody's let me down yet. And I thought I knew a bit about fish-keeping, (well, tbh, I thought I knew a lot).. But it was a case of ignorance is bliss. This time around, I going to ask questions and pick brains, and this seems to be the place to do it. I mean to have a good fish community this time. Thinking back, I remember some of the great fish I used to have. And the great fish I unintentionally exterminated Matter of fact, I used to own a goldfish that could break-dance on the carpet. But only for, like, twenty seconds; and only the once...
  7. Or the 900 billion cubic feet of bushfire smoke that's been smothering us lately... That's very likely not all wood smoke.
  8. Yep, I've done that a bit lately. Going pretty much by trial and error, so far. There are so many other fish-keeping factors I need to educate myself about, that I hadn't got to the stage of fine-tuning the water to the fish. When I finally make up my mind what fish to get, then I'll start getting scientific about their environment. I've found googling always seems to lead me back to this community. Funny, that.
  9. Well, LB, I finally put it in the tank and added new water. Also got some floss for the filter, and it's filtering away merrily. Looks alright at the moment.
  10. Yeah, I'm going to take the rocks back. Easier to soften water than to harden fish...
  11. Yes that's the thing; I haven't decided what I want yet... I lean towards Tiger Barbs. But I'm also considering a shoal of Rummynose Tetras. I put the rock in some vinegar but without the egg yolk and olive oil it didn't fizz at all. I've always thought you can't put any ocean-derived objects into a fresh-water tank because of the salt that would leach out of it. Anyway, I'll go get a PH test kit. I'll need one eventually anyway. [What if someone comes to the door asking for donations of aquarium rocks... bit of a dilemma]
  12. That's what I've been doing, Bill. But every time I tip out the water it's still brownish cloudy. And I was doing it for hours. Did I say it was One kilo? Sorry, it's 10 kilos. I just wondered if there was a better, cleverer way to remove the colour before putting it in the tank. I know the filter will take out a lot, but I don't want to rely too much on that.
  13. I was in a store today and asked about aquarium rocks. The woman showed me some white rocks. To me they looked a bit like the bases of coral outcrops. They had a "sandy" surface texture mingled with some smooth shininess. I asked her if they were for plain-water fish and she said yes. I should have been more specific, but she seemed to understand the question. They were $6 each. I got three, but I haven't put them in yet. Still a bit suss that they're possibly for marine fish. Here's a pic. The furrows or grooves on the surface look like coral rocks I've seen elsewhere. But I'm no expert What do you guys think?
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