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  1. Hay shane, I'm looking for a friend for a male ray 20cm+ do u know where to find one motoro or motoro x . And I now have a pair of mantilla rays and a male pure Leopoldi and a 99% pure Leo female i dont no how he came up with 99% but it has a bit of motoro in her.

  2. mature male and female hybrids $1000 each pick up. thanks shane
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  4. like everybody else i have spare parts for various filters, heaters or whatever basically does anybody else think a spare parts section or registry is a idea u would have to categorize alphabetically or have some kind of order because the down side to this would be the amount of pages ud end up with.most o-rings or anything small is stored for years in a exact place then magically lost the second you need it do u think it will work
  5. if u get something nice can u please give me a call 0408779062 thanks shane

  6. i have a davey dirty water pump with a float arm does anybody have a idea on how to position it to work better,for example ive tried a cable tie to restrict the arm length so it drains closer to the bottom even had it on the side or an angle. any ideas
  7. looking good Ross.. finger licking good the one i got works a treat. thanks again
  8. to be honest i noticed that a plain airline did break up dead spots where the K1 bunched up better than the air stones i had, but doesnt the nexus come fitted with air stones or are they optional
  9. mum is for sale $2000 can help with extra media for filtration if needed
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  11. i love a really sexy lumpsucker.......nice fish
  12. mate if your interested ive seen waterproof cases for the iphone maby ebay, but i know goodtime surf n sail has them
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