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  1. Hey everyone, 175 gallon planted freshwater tank been running for 2 months now no issues all fish getting along in this community. Looking to add some more fish pop your ideas below please. Looking for a schooling fish for the mid to top level of the tank. Also looking for more algae eaters. Livestock so far: 3 x Clown Loach 6 x Moonlight Gourami 3 x Red Tailed Sharks 6 x Kuhli Loach 1 x Long Fin Pleco 1 x Hillstream Loach What would you add?
  2. Thanks for the reply @JB Very interesting, wish I lived in the states!! Well there goes my dream of a gold nugget pleco haha. If you know any other interesting looking plecos more affordable and available in Australia let me know lol? Currently only have a long fin common nose bristle.
  3. Hi Guys, How would one obtain a gold nugget pleco and what price would I be looking at in Australian dollars some fish store tried to tell me it was $800. I did not believe that at all. Considering they are available for US $80 - $100. I understand they are more rare in Australia but anyone know how to obtain them?
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