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  1. Should be fine. Put it on the 6500k setting
  2. Males get bristles right up the nose. And they tend to branch as well. Females do sometimes get bristles but usually only small and stay around their lip. Females are also generally smaller and rounder around the belly. The one in the bottom left in bottom photo is definitely male. Others hard to tell without better pics pic below is one of my albino females. She is about 12 cm
  3. Hi after any types of whiptails on offer. Currently have male royal and male lg6. But am keen on l10as and long nose. cheers Leigh
  4. My one poor male calico can’t keep up with the many females he services. so I’m looking for preferably mature males to help spread the load. Calico or albino males. Preferably Longfin. pm me with what you have and how much u would like. Cheers Leigh
  5. Thanks Hamish. I’ve tried Dave as I have bought a lot of stuff from him over the years. But unfortunately atm he’s been working away and he’s not selling plants atm. Apparently his bore stuffed up and he lost a lot of stock. I didn’t know that about the lotus. I’ve kept them in heavily planted tanks and never noticed anything dying in the vicinity of them before. Will keep an eye on that in the future though.
  6. Setting up a planter after a few years out of the hobby. Looking for lotus,aponogeton variety’s. Madagascan lace plant. Really most plants that are a bit different to the normal shop stuff. Am located Northside Brisbane but will travel for the right stuff.
  7. Hey guys. Im back here after a few years out. Kids wanted a fish tank. So my aquarium juices have started flowing again. I got a 3x15x18 and looking to start a little planted tank again. Hopefully bump into some old peeps I used to know on here. Let the obsession restart. Look for to chatting about all thinks fishy. Cheers leigh
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