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  1. Good morning all, just wanted to intro and say hi I haven't had an aquarium for about 13 years (due to having to move around alot for work), but getting settled now and the 'fish-daydreams' are kicking in! (unfortunately being middle age now I think I've forgotten 90% of everything I learnt back then!). My first aquarium was given to my by a friend who went overseas, it was probably around 120l, and came with 3 swordfish. It seemed a little empty and having no idea I headed off to the local pet store to buy a couple more fish, and came home with..... a cute little baby oscar and 2 albino convicts (yep I had no idea!!)... anyway as you can image life in that small tank quickly turned chaotic for all! And so quickly to follow was the purchase of a 300l tank. The convicts continued to live and breed in the smaller tank for many years (along with a few other fish but I just can't quite recall now.. maybe just algae eaters/catfish), but the oscar grew up solo pretty much.. I think I tried a few tank mates unsuccessfully over the years (I think a convict baby managed to survive in the driftwood/rocks for a while, and maybe a catfish or algae eater too I think...). Well thats the back story. We only want to get one tank at this stage (lol) and still just in the research phase... (probably about a 250-300l) Considering another oscar (as I adored my first one - was super affectionate, could hand feed, loved pats, laying in my hand etc).. but also just worried that a new one might never live up to the memory of my first one... so considering either another large american (solo) or a community tank (which was always something I dreamed of back in the days of having a large tank with only one fish living in it for so many years lol!). But really love the charater of big fish! Would love to hear of anyone's favourites...? for a solo fish with personality (interactive/outgoing etc) (tank will be in our living room), or smaller community fish (central/south americans tho as really love the look of driftwood sets ups, tanin colours in water etc) Have a great day!!
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