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  1. Great thanks! Will try night first - maybe I'll leave the net in there already so putting it in the top doesn't alert the fish. Wouldn't the baited nets also catch the other fish in my tank? Probably 40 fish in the tank and only 9 Rummy Nose. Will let you know how I get on. Cheers!
  2. Hi, I'm really struggling to catch some Rummy Nose tetras in my tank. It's 70cm deep with lots of plants but even just keeping the nets still for 10mins with food pellets in the Rummy Nose wouldn't even come close. Chasing them is impossible. My tank shape and size don't help, being deep, not a rectangle (so hard to see in the corners), and with only 2 holes in the top (restricting access). Its a community tank and other tetras and endlers are more than happy to go into the nets... just not the Rummy Nose :/ I'm going to buy a bigger net and not feed the tank for a day too which might help. Any other thoughts on how I can catch 9 of them would be appreciated (I spent 1 hour and couldn't even get 1)!!! Cheers, Stewart
  3. Added carbon 6 days ago, took it out yesterday and replaced it with Purigen (50ml). I also did a 15% water change and cleaned out the filter inlet too - it was an easy to remove brown gunk on the tube. Today the tank is clear! New sump is complete too and only just fits under the hood.... but just is good enough! Will swap it over tomorrow rather tonight so I can keep an eye on it throughout the day in-case there are any issues!
  4. I haven't cleaned the media at all. I rinsed the filter wool in tank water I'd removed as part of a water change once, and replaced it once. Left the Purigen recharging in 50/50 unscented bleach overnight. Will be rinsing it and then letting it soak in water+conditioner for a couple of days after to ensure the bleach is gone before putting it back in. Carbon overnight has made a bit of a difference - hopefully it keeps getting clearer now! Thanks for the classified link - hadn't seen that. Going to wait a few weeks before doing anything to the tank if I can
  5. Also, some more reading suggests getting Endlers or guppies from fish shops rarely ends well and that breeders are better sources. Can someone point me in the direction of a way to locate / contact local breeders? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the guppy info. Have small kids and the guppies are colourful and active so thought they would be a good idea. Not heard of the Endlers so I'll look them up - thanks for the tip No direct sunlight on the tank. I did have a Purigen 100ml in there but it's gone brown so I've taken it out to recharge. It's only 10weeks or so old but it's had some hard work with the 2 new pieces of driftwood! I did have some carbon in there from the start (probably 8 weeks) but it was from the tanks first owner, took me quite a few weeks before I realised it was carbon (just left it in the sump assuming it was a bio media), and so it was probably more than done. Just added some new stuff tonight so I'll see how that goes but I'll only keep it a week since I have plants and I've heard longer can be detrimental to them getting nutrients. As for the tube I'll take it out at the end of the week to try and clean when I do a water change - will let you know how that goes. I don't have a safe pipe cleaner so will look to get one. Is tank tube hard to get or even common sizes? It appears to be 25mm diameter (outside), 540mm long, clear, its solid, and goes straight into a Resun sp2500 pump (no amount of googling has thrown up the pump inlet or outlet sizes and I've spent hours looking). I was assuming I could just buy some in Bunnings but couldn't find anything solid like that. Might just replace it since it has a small crack at the top anyway. I would still like to know what caused it to go white - thought it might be something simple a newbie just didn't know! Whilst I didn't expect getting a tank to be easy I've had so many issues I bought big as I liked the style (shape and size) of the tank. Didn't think about how hard having a deep tank would be. Didn't realise the sump was already cracked when I bought it... didn't help when I dropped it last week either. I'm now busy making another out of a spare parts tray (it has to fit at the top of the tank in the lid cavity) as the current one leaks down the side... Need to wait a few days for the silicone sealant (aquarium safe) on the new one to have properly cured before I can test it. I also didn't realise how brittle guppies were so not having fun trying to fish them out a deep tank. Hoping I can clear the water, get my new sump running, and have 0 deaths for a few weeks so I can enjoy it rather than worry about it~ Photo of the tank attached before the water got more milky although tube had already turned white! Then its current sump, followed by some work in progress shots of my attempt to build a replacement!
  7. Thanks for the reply. Tank is approx 10 weeks old although I did start with some old media in the sump so initial cycle was over in 3 weeks. I have pH and ammonia test kits only so I’ll look at getting nitrites and nitrates tests too. I used the ammonia one last night when I noticed the missing fish - though it might have been causing the milky water / white pipe. Forgot to mention I also have 2 pieces of driftwood and 4 live plants (Anubias, Java Fern, Vall thin, and Crypt). Guess I’ll just add some carbon to the sump when I get it, clean the tube, and see how I go from there. Had no idea my tank inhabitants could do that to a dead fish so quick! Seriously regretting getting guppies too. I’ve not lost a fish other multiple guppies. Almost every time I add new fish a guppy dies, even when it was more guppies :/
  8. Hi, I've noticed my filter inlet tube has turned white and the tank water has turned milky. I've had 2 guppies die over 2 days (all relatively new so assume shock) and did a 10% water change yesterday when fishing the last dead guppy out. I also noticed last night I had a missing guppy - no dead body, hadn't looked sick like the other 2 (who were moving slowly near the top of the tank). I ran an ammonia test last night when missing guppy was noticed and couldn't see any reading. This morning my wife saw a guppy body (approx 70%) of it and assumed it would remaining floating for me to get when I woke up (we have small kids and she got up at 5 this morning). When I got up at 7 it was gone. Just now I can see a guppy skeleton - it's been eaten and only a skeleton remains! I had PetBarn run a water test on Thursday and it was fine (no ammonia, no nitrites, ph 7.9, and negligible nitrates) and the inlet tube was clear at this time. 150l tank with top sump - remaining inhabitants: 10 Neon Tetras 12 Guppies (3 male, 9 female) 1 Bristlenose Pleco (Albino) 8 Swordtails (2 male, 6 female) 3 Albino Cory Catfish So many questions: Any ideas on why an already cycled tank has gone milky? Any ideas on how to rectify? I have some Carbon in the post to me so I can add on Tuesday/Wednesday. Is the milky water the cause of my inlet tube (in pic) going white? If so, suggestions on how to clean it appreciated! Can my inhabitants clean up a dead guppy to a skeleton in 24hrs? Am I not feeding them enough? Still learning but all of this was very unexpected and googling isn't giving me many answers. Thanks, Stewart
  9. Thanks for the welcomes and replies! The gravel was from the first owner - I just gave it a clean before putting it in the tank. No rocks, only the driftwood. Other than that it's just tap water with dechlorinator in it. I'm not brave enough to put tank water (rainwater) in after reading all the threads on it in here. I will just leave alone and monitor for now. The fish seem fine. Appreciate the advice
  10. Hi, I'm in Brisbane and I've only recently started a new tropical fish tank (150 l with 2 stage sump at the top) - my first tank. It's been filled for approx 5weeks and is fully cycled (almost no ammonia or nitrites and approx 5ppm nitrates - had some old media from previous tank owner which probably sped things up). It's currently stocked with 3 swordtails, 10 neons, 8 guppies, and an albino bristlenose pleco. I have 2 pieces of driftwood (one large, one small), and some plants (large Java fern, large annubias, one bunch of thin val). Photo was pre-swordtail addition 2 days ago. I have a newish purigen pouch, some old carbon media, and some K1 filter media in the 2nd part of the sump. My pH is 8.0 and seems stable there. One shop has said its a little high but no real issue and another has said I need to lower it. Some research suggests I'm better to leave alone and the fish will just adjust. Last week (before I found this forum and the posts saying I can use non-fertilised stuff from Bunnings) I bought some peat pouches - BIOTEC Super Peat 100 Litre but I'm now not sure about using them. My questions are: a) do I need to add one to reduce water softness and pH (research suggests Brissy has hard water)? what would be the benefits? b) if I add one is the reduction of pH going to be too fast and kill my fish? c) if I do add one, when it becomes less effective will the rise in pH be too fast and kill my fish? I've been searching online and in the forum for a few hours, but I can't find anything relating to adding peat to an already stocked tank. Any help appreciated! Cheers, Stewart
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