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  1. Hi All! Just got into the hobby and came across this forum, answered a few questions I had already! I've had a 90x45x50 (sooo about 200L) for about 3 weeks now, cycle is just about done and added 4 cherry shrimp on the weekend which have managed to stay alive. See the current progress below, the driftwood has since come out.. I ended up adding the rocks in after I purchased the driftwood and it's just wayyyy too big.. Will need to think again for some hidey holes.. maybe break it up into some pieces. Click to view full size! There's some algae starting to pop up in places but hopefully that settles down as the plants settle in. Couple of questions: I've got some Eleocharis and Monte carlo, how are they going to go carpeting.. will one take over the other? Between the different species of Gourami and Apisto's.. which are less likely to take a liking to the shrimp? I'm probably going to add something like Cory's, Otto's, Glass Catfish, some sort of tetra and would like Gourami's/Apistos but realize they may not be the best tank mates. I've had a few snail hitchhikers from the plants I've got in there too which aren't ideal so hopefully they don't get too out of hand as I don't really want to add anything that will eat them + the shrimp. Thanks
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