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  1. The food they were being fed when I got them back was all wrong, they weren’t eating, floating pellets and singing vege wafers. I got my hands on some dainichi large enough for them, and they have been eating it like there is no tomorrow. Sigh of relief. I’ve been feeding it to my fire fin comps for awhile anyway with expected results. Does anyone know if any lfs keep the frozen pea and prawn mix?
  2. Thanks , I wished I never sold mine either but fast forward a few years and I got them back. They aren’t in the best of shape atm, but they getting there. Most of the fish I kept seemed to have disappeared from the hobby. Where are all the shell dwellers. Not just the multis?.
  3. Hi, stepped down the tanks several years ago but always had a tank or 2 going with Compressiceps or Brevis on the go. Just bought my old tank, 8ft with the remnants of a colony of kigoma Frontosa that are in need of a bit of tlc. Hoping for a smooth settling in period but I’m sure I’ll be asking a couple of questions down the track.
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