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  1. Time to move him on .Albino Asian Redtail Catfish 18cm eats blood worms pellets feeders prawns Cray's $150 Brisbane HEMIBAGRUS NEMURUS
  2. Selling up couple xtra breeding males l333 13 cm $130 brisbane
  3. Hey mate nar only selling up some males have 1 left atm
  4. Send me pm have a couple large male l333 from our breeding stock we r selling up
  5. Closed down the African tanks to make more room for the shrimp tanks frontosa burundi x7 7cm to 14 cm there’s nice male and couple females $150 tsk all 7 or swap trade for some bulk shrimp 0455032474 Sorry bout bad pic but best one can get on crap phones
  6. Hey mate I’ll take a large male and 3 .or 4 of ya larger unsexed ones
  7. Csnt seem to pm u but I’m after a few larger and small ones if any left
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